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Published: August 23, 2021

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  • Pokimane breaks down the logic behind donations to “rich streamers”
  • She does so with an effortless explanation that delves into why we spend money on entertainment
  • Twitch streamers sacrifice a lot to be successful on camera and it takes a lot of effort to make it to the top

In a recent Pokimane live stream, the streamer delved into the human psyche and explained why people donate to “rich” streamers, offering a remarkable insight.

You Are an Open Book for Pokimane

Why do people donate to rich Twitch streamers? In one of her latest streams, Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys explained the reason behind people being prompted to back streamers who obviously make enough to get by on their own, and in many cases – afford comfortable lifestyles.

Truly, some members of the community have been a little ruffled by the fact that people keep pouring juicy donations to streamers while much less fortunate streamers have had it rougher.

While this is a valid point to an extent, the simple truth is that we like to be entertained and some streamers just tend to do so better, and they deserve it. Pokimane though offers a much more insightful and philosophical argument why rich streamers get richer through donations.

It’s not about the money, she explained, offering a unique insight into the human psyche: “Because people don’t go as far to think ‘how much does this person need my money?” Her observation made on stream is spot on. Not only that, but the richer a streamer is, the more valuable their attention would be, so why not galvanize them in acknowledging you through a donation?

People don’t spend money logically 24/7, Pokimane added, and she has a point. Streamers acknowledged the logic of the argument and said that it stood to reason. Earning a livelihood is really only a “by-product” of their successful careers for most Twitch streamers.

Carrying the Weight of Burnout on Stream

While those who stream and are down on their luck maybe a little more tempted to make quick riches, Twitch is a platform that offers unique opportunities, but it also demands a lot back. To get noticed, you would need to stream a lot and make sure you retain your viewers.

Even Pokimane herself talked about taking a break from Twitch just recently, acknowledging the grueling work schedule she had to stick to in order to entertain people. Streaming, in other words, isn’t just you hanging in front of a camera.

It’s finding a successful model that works. For Pokimane it may have been a few trumped-up controversies. However, the real reason behind her success more so than anything else is the simple fact that Pokimane is able to see beyond what’s on the surface, just like she did with the Reddit post which questioned the validity of donating big money to already well-heeled streamers.

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