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Published: April 26, 2022

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  • A fan of Pokimane said they lost $60,000 by playing gambling games
  • They were influenced to give slots a shot after watching Trainwreckstv’s content
  • Pokimane advised the fan to seek professional help and stop watching such content

A fan of Pokimane admitted they got hooked on gambling by Trainwreckstv. Pokimane advised the fan to stop watching streams and seek professional help.

The Fan Lost $60K after Watching Trainwreckstv Content

A fan of Imane “Pokimane” Anys, one of the most influential female streamers, has admitted that they are struggling with gambling addiction. The person said they were inspired to play by Tyler “Trainwreckstv” Faraz Niknam, the leading Slots streamer on Twitch.

Trainwreckstv is what may be called a professional gambler. Known for his kind, charitable and considerate nature, he has always warned his fans about the dangers of gambling and how low their winning chances actually are. This hasn’t stopped his fans from giving gambling a try, however.

Despite Trainwreckstv’s warnings, one fan has gone deep in the rabbit hole and has lost a huge amount of money. During a recent Pokimane stream, the fan spoke about their unfortunate gambling experience in the chat:

“I’ve honestly lost 60k+ because sadly, I followed Trainwreck down the rabbit hole, and I’m still going.”

Pokimane happened to see this confession and immediately addressed the fan.

Pokimane Advised the Fan to Seek Professional Help

The streamer asked the fan if they plan to cut their losses and stop now. She warned that if the fan doesn’t immediately address his addiction, they might lose much more money. 

“I guess that’s what I’m the most curious about. Like, what do you plan on doing from here on out? Or do you just feel like you’re too addicted? In that case, you’ve got to go to rehab, bro,” Pokimane said.

She emphasized that addiction isn’t something most people can beat by themselves and urged the fan to seek professional help:

 “Don’t try to do it alone. Don’t think that you can beat this addiction easily alone. Look for resources and people that can help you step by step to eliminate this addiction, or at least eliminate the influence in your life.”

Pokimane concluded that the fan should probably stop watching streams as a whole. She explained that constant exposure to such content may not be good for the person. Pokimane didn’t blame Trainwreckstv but some fans did, starting yet another discussion about whether gambling content should be allowed on Twitch in the first place. Others doubted that the fan’s confession was real.

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