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Published: July 20, 2022

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  • is one of the biggest esports platforms in the world
  • The acquisition will help it expand its reach with new tools and features, Repeat officials say
  • Repeat will still be available on PC and other platforms

Sony expands its reach in the field of esports by purchasing one of the world’s most popular esports platforms

PlayStation Acquires

Sony is one of the world’s largest entertainment corporations, with PlayStation being its flagship brand when it comes to video games. As well as being the name of the popular console, PlayStation is also a big esports tournament organizer, and it is now going to grow even bigger by acquiring the sports technology platform

This platform helps users compete for cash prizes across a variety of online games including Dota 2, Fortnite, League of Legends, PUBG, and other popular competitive titles. also organizes asynchronous esports tournaments that allow players to compete in games even if they aren’t online at the same time.

Over the years, has hosted over 100,000 tournaments with more than 2.3 million participants. It has proven itself as a major platform in the esports field, explaining why PlayStation has a great interest in it.

So What Comes Next?

“We will have access to more resources, game titles, and technology, which will allow us to grow the team to push Repeat in directions that we had never thought would be possible,”’s Jeff Shull wrote in a blogpost about the new deal.

He further explained that this will allow the platform to grow significantly over the next few years “continuing our mission to become synonymous with esports by creating a home where everyone has a chance to compete and win.”

Shull also explained that will continue its activities on other platforms. “Repeat is a gaming community first and foremost and will continue with that focus in mind,” he said. “We will continue to support PC, mobile and other consoles alongside PlayStation.”

He concluded that Repeat’s activities will continue as normal for the time being, but the team will be planning new features in the background, which will be revealed in the upcoming months. Meanwhile, the vice president of global competitive gaming at Sony Interactive Entertainment, Steven Roberts, told how excited PlayStation is about this partnership. “Together with the talented team, we’re excited to explore more ways for players to engage in competitive gaming and expand the breadth of our esports offerings,” he explained. “This is just the start of our journey and we look forward to sharing more updates with our community in the future.”

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