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Published: January 11, 2022

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  • Halo Infinite’s ranked multiplayer requires more work
  • Fans are complaining the ELO system is “broken and unfair”
  • More players give examples of how the game does not award enough points for won matches

Halo Infinite fans have criticized the game’s developers 343 Industries for the matchmaking system, calling it “ridiculous”, because it “penalizes” wins.

Players Complain about the “Unfairness” of Ranked Rewards

It’s been almost two months since Halo Infinite’s multiplayer dropped in mid-November, and players are still complaining about things. The game had a bumpy start, with many bugs, performance issues, a low number of maps, as well as a controversial microtransaction system. Despite that, 343 Industries has promised they will be working on the problems, and are constantly rolling out new updates.

However, players still find some aspects of the game irritating, this time criticizing the game’s ranked matchmaking. When the game rolled out on November 15, Halo fans were delighted to see it comes with a ranked multiplayer feature. The system came with an XP earning system, where players could play games and complete challenges. This granted them XP, which allowed them to level up and unlock different cosmetic items. However, many players deemed the reward system was “unfair” and gave difficult challenges and low amounts of XP. 343 has since reworked the challenges to make them easier to complete.

Despite their efforts, it seems 343 Industries still has a lot of work to do, as players are now complaining that won matches do not give enough points to maintain one’s rank.

What’s the Problem in Numbers?

Players have been talking about how Infinite’s ranked reward system is “unfair” for a few weeks now, and the evidence that’s the case keeps stacking up. The latest shocking example of the disbalance comes from Reddit user iCashMon3y, who recently talked about their multiplayer statistics. The Onyx player explained how one night they won 10 out of 12 games, yet still dropped 8 ELO.

“1 of our 2 loses was due to me disconnecting from the server, not a full game crash I got a message saying I lost connection to the server,” iCashMon3y writes.

“My one friend started the night at 1666 and ended at 1711 while I started at 1640 and ended [in] 1632,” they write to illustrate the weird discrepancy.

Other players have been having similar problems. One commenter writes “[I] Have some solid nights where the squad and I will go 12-2 or something else crazy high win percentage with one of those losses being from someone’s game crashing/DCing and usually end up breaking about even. All Onyx players.”

The problem does not affect only Onyx players, however. Many lower-ranking players, from Diamond, all the way down to Silver have experienced similar cases, where it takes them many games to rank up, yet only one loss makes them lose much more ranked points, than they should have.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has been out for less than two months, so it’s normal for it to still have issues. While 343 is working to fix these, they should do it more quickly, else they risk losing many players out of frustration.

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