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Published: November 27, 2022

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  • Many players think that Overwatch 2 doesn’t have enough maps
  • They say this makes the matches more boring as the season rolls along
  • Some players have suggested ways this could be improved

Overwatch 2’s seasonal map rotation has come under scrutiny, as many fans think that the current 19 maps are not enough and get stale fast.

Fans Are Complaining

It’s been almost two months since Overwatch 2 was released, and even though the game had some initial teething issues and bugs with often hilarious consequences, it seems players have responded relatively well to the shooter. Blizzard introduced many changes that are liked by the fan base, like making Overwatch 2 five versus five, removing the off-tank role, and others. However, although these changes were well received, fans also think some are not so great.

One feature many players think is a bad decision is the addition of seasonal map rotations. This means that every season has a different “pool” of maps. This season features 19 maps in total – five Control maps, five Escort maps, six Hybrid maps, and three Push maps. These will change next season, with some being swapped out and others will be missing entirely. 

The “original” Overwatch game had more maps than these which were not season-locked, meaning a player could play many more maps during the season. The problem with the current configuration is that these 19 maps become stale after a while. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that each season lasts for about two months, meaning that if a player gets bored with the current limited selection of maps, they will have to wait a lot of time for a fresh batch.

What Do Fans Think of the Map Rotation?

They should bring back all payload maps but make Timezone variants of said. Night time and daytime for instance. Would offer way more variety,” wrote one disgruntled player in a Reddit thread that discussed the issue. The thread gained quite a bit of traction with hundreds of commenters supporting the original poster’s claims.

“I just can’t believe they thought it was a good idea to release a “sequel” with far less maps than the “original”, one of the top comments reads. “Seven f*cking maps gone with Assault and 2 others temporarily disabled, lmao.” Some commenters even wrote that they think Overwatch 2 removed more from the game than it added.

Some fans theorized why Blizzard has put so few maps in OW2, saying that the company has problems with other maps, which they are currently fixing. Other commenters weren’t so nice, simply commenting that the map rotation is “something they pulled out of their ass when they realized they wouldn’t have all the maps converted to OW2 by the release date.”

Whatever the reasons for the existence of this format may be, it’s clear that thousands of fans are not happy about it. With the imminent start of Season 2 of the game on December 6, many players are hoping that Blizzard will include more maps into the game.

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