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Published: September 13, 2021

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  • PandaTV had no other option but to interrupt an ongoing charity subathon after experiencing severe pain in his arm and leg
  • The famous streamer was admitted to the ER where doctors conducted multiple tests
  •  PandaTV who provided regular updates via his Twitter account revealed that the pain in his leg was the result of swollen lymph nodes

The famous World of Warcraft streamer, PandaTV interrupted an ongoing subathon after experiencing severe pain in his arm and leg. The streamer landed in the emergency room and had multiple tests conducted that found out that he suffered from a lymph infection.

PandaTV Goes to ER, Stops Ongoing Stream

During a Twitch subscription marathon, an activity also known as subathon, the famous World of Warcraft streamer PandaTV landed in an emergency room. The subathon was supporting RU OK, which is a suicide prevention charity based in Australia.

Despite the noble cause, PandaTV wasn’t able to complete the planned 24-hour charity subathon. At around the 13th hour of the event, the streamer said that he wasn’t feeling very well and complained of severe pain in his leg and arm. Consequently, PandaTV was taken to the emergency room where doctors conducted multiple tests.

That happened on September 11 and the Twitch star shared multiple updates on Twitter. He outlined that more tests need to be conducted and said that it is unknown if the pains that he is experiencing are related to streaming. PandaTV urged everyone to be safe when doing long streams.

Later on, the streamer revealed that the doctors concluded that the issue is not DVT (deep vein thrombosis) but they are yet to determine what caused the pain on his leg. PandaTV was also taken out of critical band to his own room. Although clearly none of this was his fault, he still wrote that he is sorry for ending the subathon earlier than planned. Additionally, he thanked everyone who tried reaching him.

In an update posted on Twitter on Sunday, PandaTV said that the pain in his leg was the result of swollen lymph nodes. He said that the infection has resulted in a painful burning sensation that also caused a huge blister on one of his legs. PandaTV said that this was incredibly painful, despite his high pain threshold.

He added that he wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. PandaTV explained that people claiming that this issue was caused by mental health problems are wrong. Additionally, he stressed that people who have claimed that “this is what happens when you get a vaccine,are also far from the truth.

Overall, PandaTV has spent significant time in the hospital and undoubtedly felt a lot of emotional and physical pain. We can only hope that he will recover quickly and completely so that he can go back to doing what he loves.

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