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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Dutch cosplayer makes an amazing cosplay of Ashe from Overwatch
  • The detail of her costume rivals many of her previous cosplays
  • Cosplay can be a very serious hobby

Popular Dutch cosplayer Denzhy awes her followers and Overwatch fans with an amazing cosplay of one of the game’s most notorious criminals – Ashe.

An Amazing Ashe Cosplay

It will probably take a long time for Overwatch 2 to be released, but this is not stopping fans of the game from having fun with the game’s lore. Cosplayers are keeping the hype alive with some great designs, with characters like Tracer and D.Va being some of the most popularly portrayed heroes. However, recently one less popular character has been trending on the cosplay scene – Ashe.

Ashe is a character that is not too popular in the cosplay sphere but occasionally pops up, and the cosplayers do deliver. Recently Dutch cosplayer Denzhy presented a phenomenal interpretation of the character.

The cosplayer put time and effort into small details. The clothing is well fitted, the hat is the right shape, belts and buckles are in all the right places. Denzhy even has a realistic-looking prop gun o her shoulder.

It is like Ashe has come to life on the Dutch cosplayer’s Instagram. Her followers seem to agree, many praising her for the detail and large amounts of work that must have gone into the creation of the costume. “Holy God you look very awesome!!!!”, says one commenter, “I need a poster of this!!”, writes another.

Cosplay Is Not a Children’s Game

Many people might consider cosplay as just “dressing up”, or something that little children do on Halloween, or when playing in the backyard. Cosplay is a portmanteau of “costume” and “play”, but the hobby has evolved into much more than just a game.

Many cosplayers, like Twitch streamer Saira, put enormous effort into their portrayals. These accurate recreations take time, effort, and often a lot of money. As shown by anituber and streamer CDawgVA, there are even specialized costume services. As he pointed out in his video, a detailed costume might require months of work and cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Of course, not all people who cosplay spend that much time and effort in making their apparel. Cosplay is for everybody that wants to dress up as their favorite character, but it seems Denzhy is one of the more hardcore practitioners of the hobby. She has already done Samus, Belle from The Beauty and the Beast, and other well-detailed cosplays.

With a strong following on social media, who knows what character Denzhy will bring to life in the future.

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