Overwatch is one of the most popular video games. Understandably, it’s also one of the most popular esports betting options. There are numerous Overwatch bets that you can place even today, but to do so, you need to find the best Overwatch betting sites, inform yourselves about the Overwatch League, and generally have a working knowledge of the game.

In this article, Esports Grizzly gives you the low-down which will help you catch yourself up on all of this and more, so that you become an efficient and smart esports punter. Every esports player loves the added thrill of placing a wager. If you love the Overwatch League as much as we do, then you will find our guide to the best Overwatch betting markets to be just what you need! Let’s get started.

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Overwatch Esports Betting Sites – How to Pick

Choosing a great Overwatch esports betting site is not complicated at all. What you need to do is follow several pieces of advice that work well when stuck to. As such, you can just skip this section and pick from one of the Overwatch betting sites we have already recommended in the table. If you want to know a thing or two about choosing a website yourself, though, we recommend reading on.

#1 Pick a Website with Great Odds and Betting Markets

The first thing to do is to pick a website that is actually offering you great Overwatch odds and markets. You want to experience the best possible betting options when betting on the Overwatch League or Contenders League, and do to do this, you need a site that covers the Overwatch betting scene by bringing you the best possible options.

#2 Full Coverage of the Overwatch League 

As we just mentioned, any betting site that you may want to play at will have to provide you with decent coverage of the main competitive events. That is why Overwatch League betting is mandatory. You want to be able to place bets on every individual game and benefit from the best betting odds, which is precisely what we look for. Full coverage of the OWL is an absolute must.

#3 Good Feedback and Opinions from Fellow Overwatch Fans

Esports is also based on a word-of-mouth and that is why the opinion of fellow players will actually matter when choosing a website. This is also we have made sure that the betting sites we recommend are based on feedback from Overwatch fans, bettors, and players. You should definitely look for this feedback yourself when looking to pick the top OWL bookmakers.

#4 Easy and Simple Deposit and Withdrawal Options 

Not least, you want to make sure that any betting site you choose will let you deposit and cash out your winnings quickly. This will make the entire process of betting on Overwatch so much more rewarding and worthwhile. You want to have access to popular payment methods such as e-wallets, bank cards, and even bank transfers, which is always the case at the top betting sites that cover the Overwatch League and major tournaments.

Most Popular Overwatch Esports Events

If you want to bet on Overwatch, you will need to know what you are betting on. Clearly, the Overwatch League and the Overwatch World Cup are the two most important competitions out there. Overwatch Contenders is a feeder league that is designed to train players who then get a chance to compete with the rest of the top-ranking players in the OWL. Regardless, the game has a fairly isolated competitive ecosystem and third-party organizers do not necessarily play a part in it.

While the format of the Overwatch League allows for players and teams to create stadiums around the world (much like the NFL and NBA do, for example), you will notice that the whole esports Overwatch betting action is focused on the league itself and that is fine. So, if you want to bet on Overwatch, just make sure that the esports site you pick covers the OWL.

Best Overwatch Betting Odds 

Finding the best esports betting odds is actually quite important. There are many reasons why this is the case. Put simply, you want to make sure that you are having a blast and that you are enjoying yourself, but to get there, you want to always have the most worthwhile odds on your side.

This is why the best Overwatch betting sites are in constant competition with each other. If you are looking for the best betting markets, you also want to check the odds, and you will notice that different betting websites offer slightly different odds., and may all be offering slightly different odds for the fairly same product.

It’s fair to say that the esports websites we recommend are all great and they bring you the best odds for the Overwatch League. However, you still need to keep an eye for these small odds fluctuations that will actually help you get a competitive advantage in the long-term whether you are betting on an outright winner or totals.

Overwatch Betting Markets and Picks 

There are lots and lots of ways to bet real money on Overwatch esports markets. However, you first need to figure out what types of markets there are. This is easy though as the betting markets are actually fairly straightforward to follow. They consist of the following main options:

  • Match winner – Bet on the winner of a game or a series (usually three or five games depending on the stage of the OWL);
  • Outright winner – Bet on the winner of the entire Overwatch League at any point in the competition (usually the beginning);
  • Totals – Bet on the total kills scored in a game or series of Overwatch and not so much on the person who is actually winning the game or series.
  • Proposition Bets – Bet on a particular condition in a game of Overwatch being met, such as a player X scoring Y kills, defending Z locations, or something else relevant to the market and game.
  • Parlays – Bet on multiple markets, regardless of their nature, and win the parlay bet only in the case that every single market you have bet on turns out to be a success.
  • In-play – Bet on a game of Overwatch while it’s being played in real-time. In-play bets are very popular and quickly gathering momentum, making the competitive scene even more fun to study.

Overwatch Betting Tips

If you want to get better at betting on Overwatch, there are some pieces of advice that you can probably benefit from. As such, players are welcome to study the pieces of advice below and see how you can implement them to be more successful at betting on Overwatch.

#1 Choose the Best Overwatch Betting Sites

First things first – you want to make sure that whatever your interest in Overwatch is, you want to be betting with the top-rated websites in the first place. So, you need to look up the betting sites that are actually secure, trusted, and offer you some great odds and markets. This brings us to our second piece of advice.

#2 Always Check for the Best Odds Available to You

If you are keen on really mastering your Overwatch betting game, make sure to register at at least two trusted Overwatch betting sites. We would recommend sticking with any of these:


The point here is to not just keep placing bets with one of the betting sites available, but compare the odds available acros them for the same game. Does this mean that some sites are trying to take advantage of you? Not at all.

Overwatch esports betting sites make sure to crunch the numbers for themselves and they have trading analysts who try to calculate the probability of one event happening. This is why you will notice a small fluctuation in the odds across the different sites. This is where you can make the most of it though and make sure that you are getting a great value back.

#3 Bet on the Best Overwatch Esports Teams

You will want to cultivate your knowledge of Overwatch and the esports scene built around the game. As one of the major events on the esports calendar, Overwatch League is a dynamic event and this means there are many moving parts to factor in. In other words, you need to nurture and cultivate your knowledge of competitive play and get to know the teams separately.

It’s not just about that, though, as the regular season will change and evolve, and there will be many things to consider as well. Players who are enjoying themselves will definitely want to keep on point with which the latest teams are and how they have been performing.

In fact, the competitive scene is fairly well-known in terms of the teams that participate in it, because buying a single Overwatch League franchise slot could be worth as much as $40 million. However, a winning team in one season may end up not being that much on-point in the next. It’s just the nature of the game.

Therefore, successful teams will change from one season so the net, and it’s important that you follow competitive esport Overwatch to notice these changes as they happen and unfold. Because of this, you will be able to draft your own team rankings and quickly identify the so-called value betting opportunities.

#4 Find Value Betting Overwatch Markets 

Another thing to pay attention is the so-called value betting matches and markets. An Overwatch match does not mean much unless you see what odds and esports bets are available for it. It’s possible that the esports betting site that offers the bets has made a mistake.

This is why OWL betting is all about your own skill and knowledge of the game and you can find such opportunities to enjoy. Yes, esports betting books do make mistakes and you can make the most out of them.

#5 Study the Season Before You Bet

The Championship Playoffs and the Overwatch League Cup finals are already a time by which you will know a lot about the current season. And this is why it’s always recommended that you wait a bit in the first week or two before you start betting, so that you can see how each team performs in one or two games. There is a lot of calibrating along the way.

Overwatch Betting Sites – Conclusion

Overwatch betting can definitely be a rewarding activity and one that you will definitely appreciate yourself. This is why we have made sure to bring you the most worthwhile opportunities captured by the top Overwatch betting sites. Pick a bookmaker, your favorite markets and teams, and don’t forget to always look for that extra edge by securing the best odds, lines and fixtures!

Overwatch Esports Betting FAQs

How old do I need to be to bet on the Overwatch World Cup?

18 or 21. The legal gambling age for Overwatch esport betting will depend on where you live. It may range from 18 to 21 depending on the state or country you are based in.

Is it legal to bet on Overwatch League and esports events?

Yes, it’s completely legal to bet on Overwatch and esports events in general. However, you need to still check in with your local laws. Some states and countries have not legalized esports betting while others have no explicit laws against it.

Is it safe to bet on Overwatch League games?

Yes, it’s generally safe to bet on the OWL. You need to still look for the licensed esports betting sites that have a good track record and have been known to be trustworthy and safe over the years.

Can I win real money from Overwatch betting?

Yes, you can absolutely win real money from betting on Overwatch games and the Overwatch League. This is indeed a possibility, but you must take your OWL betting as a fun and recreational activity not as a way to make money – bet responsibly.

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