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Published: November 24, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The hero’s Discord Orb was nerfed a lot a few weeks ago
  • Many players agree that Blizzard’s approach to nerfing him was bad
  • They argue the company should have just decreased his damage instead

After a wave of changes from October 31, Zenyatta’s Discord Orb can now be used a lot less often, which many fans argue makes the hero lose the fluid gameplay that has become characteristic of him.

Blizzard Changed Zenyatta’s Gameplay

For years now, Zenyatta has been one of Overwatch 2’s most DPS-heavy supports. Players have reveled in the ability to deal decent damage while also healing allies amid battle. The hero’s most important weapon is arguably his Discord Orb as it ramps up damage on enemies to let teammates focus them down.

However, it seems Blizzard thought the ability was a bit too powerful and decided to nerf it earlier this month. “The goal of these changes is to add more counterplay against Discord Orb and encourage Zenyatta players to think more about who to place it on,” Blizzard’s patch notes from October 31 read. What this essentially means is that the ability cannot be applied to the same foe rapidly, making players manage a more finite resource.

Although this might seem like a good idea on the surface, many Zenyatta mains seem to think the company over-nerfed the hero. This is because Discord Orb was so key for the hero’s gameplay, that players now have to adapt too much to the changed playstyle.

Fans Are Disgruntled

“Since the new changes, I’m trying hard not to spam discord orb just because and do it carefully and holding it till the “right moment” just sounds counterintuitive for Zen,” a highly-voted post on the Overwatch subreddit reads. “I don’t understand why they didn’t nerf the amount of damage increased done by the orb instead or even make tanks untargeteable or something like this. Waiting a million seconds to put an orb again is terrible.”

Many fans seem to agree with the OP, stating the hero’s gameplay is considerably different now and they have some trouble adapting to the changes. “I just played a bunch of Zen yesterday for the first time since the discord nerf and man does it feel like shit,” one comment reads. “After a few matches, I started to get the hang of it better but the game really needs a better way to show you who is discord-able.”

A lot of players also complained about the lack of fluidity the Overwatch 2 hero now has. From the start, Zenyatta’s gameplay was based on fluid motions and quick changing from one ability to another, but the nerfs essentially made this far less common to use. “They somehow made one of the most fluid heroes a complete clunky disaster like idk how this got past beta testing,” a comment reads.

Although many fans seem disgruntled with the new changes, it’s unknown if Blizzard would hear their plight and find another way to nerf Zenyatta without changing his gameplay.

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