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Published: January 6, 2023

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  • Four heroes have received various buffs during the latest update
  • Roadhog’s rework is slated to come sometime in mid or late January
  • Junker queen gets massive buffs

After months of waiting, Overwatch 2 fans finally receive the much-requested Junkier queen update alongside buffs for three other heroes. 

Devs Update OW2

Overwatch 2’s dev team has been busy at the start of the new year, updating the game with the new Battle for Olympus game mode. But alongside that, the developers have also released patch notes that include changes to Junker Queen, Zarya, and Moira. This is in line with Blizzard’s earlier promises that they will have a lot more frequent live support for Overwatch 2.

Aaron Keller of the developer team explained on Twitter that the updates are smaller than usual as many of the issues that were supposed to be solved now have been instead resolved earlier in December. He also reminded the community that the much-anticipated Roadhog update will be reserved for the middle or end of this month. 

Who Is Getting Buffed?

Instead of Roadhog, this update is focused on other heroes, Junker queen being the recipient of some significant buffs. Ever since her dominance in the open beta, she’s remained a mediocre-at-best tank in Overwatch 2. Because of this, many fans requested Blizzard improve the character, often even proposing what should be changed. In December, the Overwatch 2 dev team teased a “spicy” Junker queen update is on the horizon and it seems it has finally come. With the latest patch, the hero’s viability was increased, especially in Battle for Olympus.

Junker queen’s passive ability Adrenaline Rush now will heal more. When an enemy dies with the Wound effect on them, Junker Queen heals for the rest of the Wound amount. Additionally, Junker queen’s Carnage ability now has a reduced cooldown. It will also become two seconds shorter for each enemy it hits.

Finally, the hero’s Jagged Blade got a damage adjustment. Before, the ability used to do a flat 80 damage and Wounding the target, but now Junker queen’s Jagged Blade will do 50 damage on its own, but also inflict 30 damage Wound. This new Wound effect stacks with Carnage or Melee attack Wound effects.

Zarya, Brigitte, and Moira also got some changes in the latest patch, with the former getting the most. Zarya’s beam charge is buffed with a longer lingering time. Instead of disappearing at 2.2 charge per second, it’s slower at 2 charge per second. Additionally, it now takes the ability two seconds to start losing charge. Before, this charge decay started one second after the use of the ability. 

Meanwhile, Brigitte gets just one change – her shield is now a bit stronger, with 300 health instead of 250. Similarly, Moira also gets just one simple change – she can now restore a little Biotic Energy every time she deals damage with her Biotic Orb.

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