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Published: September 26, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Overwatch fans discussed which hero should be removed from the game and why
  • A majority voted that Orisa has to go, or at least receive a big rework
  • Many suggested that even small tweaks would be enough to break the meta

Orisa has been a key part of the current Overwatch 2 meta and is quite annoying to play against, prompting many players to say she should be taken out of the game.

Players Want To See Orisa Deleted

Despite still being quite the popular game, Overwatch 2 has been constantly criticized about various things – from the title’s mechanics, to bugs, to the ways Blizzard monetizes the shooter. One of the more recent gripes the community seems to be having is one with a certain hero, who many apparently want to be changed a lot, or straight up removed.

In a Reddit post in the Overwatch subreddit from yesterday, titled “If you could remove one hero who would it be?”, the community seems to have agreed on one character – Orisa. Funnily enough, the top comment gathered way more likes than the actual post itself, showing how many players are sick and tired of her.

It seems that many Overwatch fans are convinced that the current meta starring Orisa, Bastion, and Zarya is not fun, and they think the former hero must go. Of course, removing an entire hero from the game is quite a drastic measure, so many fans proposed she should instead undergo a major overhaul.

“Orisa is a balance issue, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with her kit or design or lore, she just needs some number tweaking (ability uptime, mostly),” one highly-voted comment reads. The same comment also talks about how Widowmaker is “an absolute scourge” and the fact she has been like this since the first day of Overwatch, suggesting that there are annoying heroes to play against other than Orisa.

Some of the ways people suggested that Orisa should be nerfed also include modifying her crowd-control abilities. Currently, she has two of them and both can cancel enemy heroes’ ultimates and stop projectiles, making it extremely easy for Orisa mains to break up an enemy offensive. These abilities, paired with Fortify which gives her resistance to opposing crowd control, make her nearly unkillable and incredibly annoying to play against.

It’s unlikely that the hero will receive a big rework anytime soon, but even tweaking these two abilities would be a step in the right direction. For example, imagine increasing the cooldown and decreasing the amount of health gained through Fortify should help at least a little bit.

Despite many players agreeing on an Orisa nerf, some just said that Mercy should be deleted and watch the community meltdown.

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