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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • It looks like the game will receive the much-coveted PvE content after all
  • However, players will have to pay $15 if they want to access it
  • They will also receive other 1 000 Overwatch coins, skins, and other in-game items

Following much criticism, Blizzard has decided to introduce PvE content to the game, but fans are not happy that it is locked behind a paywall.

Paid PvE Content Is Coming to OW2

Overwatch 2’s PvE mode has been in the works since 2019 when the older game was still all the rage. Since then, it has become arguably the most-anticipated content for the game, a fact that played a huge part in the recent criticism Blizzard has been receiving from the fandom.

The company recently announced that some PvE content would be coming to the game, but fans thought it was quite bare-boned. Blizzard’s senior staff explained on many occasions that the studio has put the PvE content low down in its priorities, which prompted much criticism from the community. In fact, many fans accused Blizzard of lying about the PvE content

In the wake of all this criticism, Blizzard was forced to respond by promising to work on more of the coveted content and release it to the game. However, this comes with the big caveat that fans will have to pay an extra $15 to unlock the content, despite already owning the game. 

The news comes after Blizzard announced the fifth season of Overwatch 2: Invasions on June 12, but fans are already once again criticizing the company’s decision. The new season would bring “story missions” to which players can put forth their hard-earned cash to acquire. If they spend the $15 needed to unlock the PvE content, players will receive 1 000 Overwatch coins, a new Sojourn Legendary skin, permanent access to Sojourn as a playable hero, and indefinite access to the Overwatch 2: Invasion Story Missions. 

“The Overwatch 2: Invasion bundle is intended to give new and veteran players alike the opportunity to explore this brand-new story arc while giving them additional coins to unlock the Premium Battle Pass or to buy cosmetic content for their favorite Hero,” Blizzard’s blog post announcing the changes reads.

Needless to say, fans are already criticizing the company for this decision, as many see it as a lackluster attempt at covering their previous unkept promises. Many players have commented that Blizzard is simply taking content that is already in the game and is simply locking it behind a paywall, marketing it as new PvE content. 

There will be more information about the upcoming changes in a reveal stream hosted by Blizzard on June 21, but the company will have to show something extraordinary if they want to calm down the large numbers of disgruntled fans.

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