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Published: September 29, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Overwatch 2 is currently having its First Anniversary Event
  • However, its reward system has not been working properly for the last two days
  • Blizzard will keep the Overwatch Credits rewards from challenges disabled for the remainder of the Event

After many fans reported that they don’t receive Credits from the current Overwatch 2 Anniversary Event, Blizzard said it will compensate everyone with 3,000 credits on October 10.

Blizzard Issues Official Statments On the Problem

Overwatch 2 is having its first anniversary celebrations, but it seems that even now, the game can’t be played without some problem rearing its ugly head. Earlier this week, the Anniversary Event was put on pause because players experienced issues receiving credits earned from completed Anniversary missions.

Blizzard was made aware of the problem by a disgruntled player base and made an official post announcing they will freeze awards from the challenges until they figured out the issue. “We’re currently experiencing an issue with Anniversary Event Challenges granting Overwatch Credits inconsistently. While we investigate, we’re disabling Credit grants from these Challenges. Once we have resolved the issue, we will compensate impacted players,” the post reads.

The good news is that players will be compensated for this issue with a reward of 3,000 Overwatch Credits. Unfortunately, they still won’t be able to get rewards from the challenges. “Due to ongoing technical issues with our Anniversary Challenges, we’re going to keep the Overwatch Credits rewards from challenges disabled for the remainder of the Event,” Blizzard’s update from last night reads.

“To make up for this, we’re granting everyone who logs in during the first week of Season 7, starting October 10, a reward of 3,000 Overwatch Credits, even if you don’t complete challenges in the Anniversary Event. The Anniversary Credits Shop will be live through October 16. We’ll also have more content available for Overwatch Credits starting in Season 7 which we’ll reveal soon.”

Overwatch 2’s Anniversary Event runs until Oct. 16, and Season Seven begins on Oct. 10, there is still some time for players to get their favorite Anniversary skins. Considering some of these skins and other cosmetics pop up in the shop once a year, this makes the Anniversary event even more important, and the problems with it – even bigger.

Although the compensation is a positive thing for affected players, the initial issue only adds to the many the game has already seen since its launch last year. Adding to this, the fact that Blizzard did not patch the problem, but instead went out the easy way with the reward compensation, the company takes another hit to its somewhat shaky reputation when it comes to the way Overwatch 2 is administered.

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