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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Everyone seems to dislike this one hero who has been in the game since it launched
  • Many think people who play the hero are either not doing a great job or are annoying
  • The hero does not fit the design philosophy of other ones, according to fans

Overwatch 2 has an extensive roster of heroes both new and old, each one with unique skills and playstyle, which means that some heroes stand out in some negative ways among the community.

Fans “Hate” This One Particular Hero

Blizzard has been on the receiving end of quite some criticism recently for their way of handling Overwatch 2. Although the most recent drama involved accusations of Blizzard lying about OW2’s PVE content, fans’ dissatisfaction seems to be rising and showing up in other aspects of the game.

Recently Overwatch 2’s gameplay seems to also be coming under fire from fans, as many of them expressed the opinion that one particular original hero should be removed from the game. Now, players ranting about a hero or other character in any other game, that they do not like, is nothing new, but this hero that has been part of the roster since the original Overwatch launched, has received a disproportionate amount of flack. 

We are talking about Widomaker, who has been for years disliked by a large majority of fans, who now seem to grow increasingly tired of her presence in both an attacking and defending sense. In a Reddit thread aptly titled “I think I speak for all Tanks when I say: We hate Widows.” a player shared some gameplay with them destroying a Widowmaker.

The post received over 12K likes with many commenters agreeing with the title. A lot of them argued that Widowmaker is the one hero that either is a bad teammate or an incredible annoyance that doesn’t even fit the design philosophy of other heroes. Some players wrote that she should just be removed from the game altogether.

“Widow is a poorly designed hero that makes everything boring for everyone,” one comment reads. “She makes no sense in a game like Overwatch and she serves no purpose. It baffles me that the developers still won’t fix her, even though most of the community would pick her as their number 1 most hated hero. Or it’s a tie between Hanzo and Widow.”

These sentiments seem to stay consistent among other discussions. In another Reddit thread titled “If you were forced to remove any character from Overwatch 2, who would it be?” a majority of the commenters also agreed that Widowmaker should be either drastically changed or straight-up removed from the game. 

Amusingly though, the top-voted comment of that thread simply read “Bobby Kotick”, referring to the CEO of Blizzard, who has been heavily criticized for various things over the past years. With the post gathering 1.1K likes, and that comment a whopping three times more, it seems the Overwatch 2 community has spoken.

If this trend continues, Blizzard might find themselves in need of removing Widomaker, despite her being an OG hero, but the company has not been well-known for listening to fans’ requests in the past.

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