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Published: February 9, 2023

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  • The player announced he is now a restricted agent
  • It’s unknown who will come to take iLLeY’s spot in OpTic
  • It’s the second time in six months OpTic drops iLLeY

OpTic once again removes Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal from its active roster ahead of the CoD Major 3 next month. 

iLLeY Is Now A Restricted Agent

The time between different CoD Majors is best utilized to prepare for the next one, and OpTic Texas has decided that the best course of action for this is to drop AR superstar iLLeY from its starting lineup. The organization has already been in quite a chaotic part of its history that sees a large movement in its roster composition. The latest such movement, which somewhat shocked the wider CoD community, is the removal of iLLeY for the second time in six months. 

“Restricted F/A, bang my line if you want to win,” the player posted on Twitter before OpTic even had the chance to make an official announcement on social media. iLLeY also no longer has any mention of OpTic Gaming or OpTic Texas in his Twitter bio, suggesting he will not be returning to OpTic’s main roster anytime soon. 

What Happens Now?

It’s unclear why OpTic decided on such a controversial move. The team’s performance has not been great the past few weeks, buts it’s a stretch to say it was bad either. OpTic finished fourth in its first LAN event at Major 2 just days ago, so the news that the 21-year-old player is a restricted free agent came as a surprise to many fans. 

It is currently unknown who will come to substitute iLLeY in OpTic’s lineup for CoD’s Major 3. OpTic’s options seem very limited, considering most ARs are locked down into long-term contracts at this stage. The organization will probably have to bring in a wild card player as it will most likely not be able to acquire anybody that has an existing contract.

It is also unknown what iLLeY will do now. He’s been removed from OpTic’s roster for the second time in six months, the last one being in August last year, despite the organization promising to keep the old roster together. There is still a small chance he will once again rejoin OpTic as he did before. Alternatively, iLLeY could just join some team in the lower half of the standings, which will be a huge upgrade to. 

In the end, fans and iLLeY alike will simply have to wait and see what the future brings.

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