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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • OpTic climbs the champion’s ladder, avenging their previous loss from LOUD
  • LOUD had a few very close calls with OpTic
  • However, the NA team eventually pulled through with a series of clutches

OpTic Gaming takes the VCT Masters Reykjavík trophy home after the team demolished Brazilian team LOUD in a spectacular 3-0 victory at the grand finals.

OpTic Brings Home the Victory

The VCT Masters Reykjavík just concluded with the North American organization OpTic Gaming sweeping the competition away. The team’s rebranding and reorganization from Envy to OpTic back in February seems to have played a crucial part in the victory over their rivals LOUD.

Yay helped the team to gain a massive 10-2 lead at halftime. Seeing this, LOUD took the pistol round, anti-eco, and bonus round trio to start the second half. This helped the difference OpTic had accumulated, bringing it down to just two points. However, a last-minute clutch Marved round put his team on map point, and OpTic went over the finish line with a 13-9.

LOUD wanted to go strong on Bind but their plans got immediately spoiled when an anti-eco 3K from Victor broke the Brazilian bank early on their attack side. Yay and Marved from OpTic ruined any momentum LOUD had, leading to an 8-4 OpTic lead at halftime. In the second half, LOUD got their game together, managing to equalize the scores to 8-8, even taking the lead from OpTic. Seeing this, OpTic pushed, eventually making a tie of 11-11.

However, Sacy was not content with this and made a last-minute clutch defuse with just three points of health left. But Victor again forced a tie with the aid of an amazing ace. OpTic, however, was again saved by a tiple by yay, with the score eventually ending at 13-12.

Encouraged by this close victory, OpTic took the lead on the attack with the pistol round, anti-eco, and bonus combo to start the first half of the next game. Although LOUD managed to close the gap, OpTic again pulled ahead with the final score from the first half standing at 8-4. Heading into defense, OpTic managed at first to hold off LOUD, but the Brazilian team eventually closed the distance, sending the map on overtime.

A successful B execute from mid gave OpTic the early advantage, but LOUD responded to initiate a second OT period. Another OT lead was given to OpTic by FNS producing a 4K. Finally, invigorated by this, OpTic shut down a late LOUD A execute, closing out the map and securing victory.

With this win, OpTic avenges both of their tournament losses to XERXIA and LOUD, marking additional wins against KRÜ, The Guard, DRX, and ZETA DIVISION on the road to their victory. It also brings North America to the top of pro VALORANT after a lackluster conclusion at Champions 2021.

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