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Published: August 24, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Esports’ ongoing popularity sparks a boom in non-endemic companies exploring esports options 
  • This, in turn, leads to a huge boost in esports gambling
  • With the tendencies at hand, investing in esports gambling stocks might be more profitable than ever

The growth of esports makes it worthwhile considering investing in esports gambling shares.

A Steadily Growing Industry

Esports’ growth is a widely known fact. The industry has been steadily rising where many others have fallen behind because of the pandemic. Many new people discovered esports, and some rediscovered them. Because of this, now is a good time to consider investing in esports gambling shares, This Money suggested.

Esports betting had gotten a lot of new attention, for when other sports had to be canceled during the peak COVID-19 spikes, esports went online and continued the competition. The market has grown, and many non-endemic bodies have started showing interest in the industry. 

One of them is the sportsbook Entain. Its CEO Jetter Nygaard-Andersen was once a Counter-Strike player. Despite never reaching a professional level, she still very much realizes the cultural and market impact of esports. Because of that, Entain recently invested in acquiring the esports betting operator Unikrn. 

Other esports bodies and/or gambling operators have been sought as valuable partners by companies outside the world of esports. One of the growing tendencies is for cryptocurrencies and esports to team up together. Esports event organizer BLAST Premier recently partnered with Coinbase and professional team Natus Vincere shook hands with Bybit

Crypto has a lot of common with esports, but it also has things in common with investing in shares as well, proving the point that investing in esports and esports gambling businesses might prove worthwhile. 

Gambling Regulations: A Potential Turn-Off

Despite all of the positives, some have refrained from esports gambling investments because of some of the variables – mainly that the gambling laws might change at any time. With some countries prohibiting gambling as a whole, it is unknown what fate might befall esports gambling as a country’s laws on gaming regulations evolve. 

Despite there being some basis to those concerns, for now, the global truth remains – esports is on the rise and are here to stay. Other bodies have started fitting themselves around esports and not the other way around. For example, Nevada in the United States had proposed establishing an esports regulatory body. However, this proposition didn’t sit well with many esports bodies, as some even threatened to leave the state for good. Because of this, the bill was reviewed, and, as a compromise, instead of a regulatory body, an advisory committee was formed. 

Investors should be aware that there is always a risk, and this doesn’t only apply to esports. And with the ongoing growth of the hobby, one shouldn’t throw away the possible benefits of investing in esports or esports gambling.  

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