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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Talon Esports welcomes ONE Sports and Entertainment, Stephanie Rice and Matthew Dellavedova in the organization
  • The new members will work as brand ambassadors, investors and performance advisors
  • This news is a huge step for the good relations between sports and esports

Talon Esports has been joined by several reputable names from the traditional sports world, namely ONE Sports and Entertainment, Stephanie Rice and Matthew Dellavedova.

Shaking Hands for The Future of the Industry

Hong Kong-based professional esports organization Talon Esports will have Australian sports agency ONE Sports and Entertainment together with two professional Australian athletes join it. This will be the first time Talon Esports has worked together with professional traditional sports athletes.

The two sports elites joining the esports body are the three-time Olympic gold medalist Stephanie Rice and the NBA champion Matthew Dellavedova. They, along with One Sports and Entertainment, will work as brand ambassadors, investors and performance advisors to Talon Esports. With this move, the esports organization is looking to further boost its growth and brand recognition.

The chief executive officer of Talon Esports, Sean Zhang, is Australian himself and is quite delighted to work together with the sports company and the two athletes. Welcoming them to the Talon family, Zhang is looking forward to having them “channel their competitive energy across the organization”. With such support, Zhang is sure Talon Esports will continue to maintain its position as one of the largest esports organizations and even go beyond.

Sports Warming Up to Esports

ONE Sports and Entertainment’s CEO, Bruce Kaider, shared that he has been eyeing the esports industry for a while now. He is happy to be joining Talon alongside like-minded allies such as Rice and Dellavedova.

“We are all excited about working with Sean and the team as we aim to become one of the biggest and most successful esports franchises in the World,” Kaider announced in the release.

“This is a dream partnership for me because it combines two of my greatest passions: entrepreneurship and gaming,” Rice revealed.

She explained how she loves to compete in the Asia Pacific region and believes that she expects to find working with Talon to be very rewarding.

“Esports has grown at such a fast rate, which is exciting for the teams and athletes, but I want to make sure our athletes have the support they need both mentally and physically, in order to continue to thrive at the top level,” the gold-medalist caringly commented.

Dellavedova also had something to say. The NBA champion admitted that he’s been interesting in esports for years and has been very open to learning more. Because of this he jumped at the opportunity to join Talon Esports.

“Hearing about what they’ve done so far competing at the highest levels and with exciting partnerships with PSG, got me really excited but then to hear what their plans are for the future really blew me away,” Dellavedova said, teasing that Talon Esports have planned big things ahead.

The basketball player believes he can learn a lot from working with the esports organization and broadening his horizons.

In the past years sports and athletes have warmed up to esports which has led to many people wanting to experience a bit of both. Many esports organizations have realized the need of physical fitness and are working with well-being coaches to ensure that players are in top health. Sports players and leagues on the other hand have become more curious in the joys and potential of esports leading to many of them investing in or joining certain esports brands.

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