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Published: July 3, 2023

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  • Esports betting provider Oddin joined the Esports Integrity Commission 
  • As a bookmaker platform, Oddin finds it of utmost importance to stand against illegal practices such as match-fixing
  • ESIC welcome the betting provider in the global anti-fraud network

The two parties will partner to ensure a healthier and fairer esports ecosystem. 

Hand in Hand against Cheating

Online esports betting provider Oddin will work with the Esports Integrity Commission to prevent and prosecute illegal practices. This will cover all frauds, especially match-fixing. 

Despite being young, fast-growing, and widely beloved, the esports world has had its fair shares of illegal practices. Many ill-intended people have taken advantage of the ecosystem’s novelty and the initial lack of centralized regulation. However, organizations are now stepping in to fight fraudulent practices and limit their impact. 

The Esports Integrity Commission’s goal is exactly that – fighting against each and any form of cheating and ensuring a clean and exciting experience for professional players and fans alike. 

Oddin, on the other hand, being a bookmaker operator, understands all too well that cheating in gaming can cause damage not only to a game’s internal health but also to the monetary aspect of esports. Fixed matches and cheating harm people’s finances which makes them a much graver offense than most usually consider. 

Oddin’s Head of Partnerships, Marek Suchar, commented on the company’s collaboration with ESIC:

“As an esports betting provider, we can’t ignore the integrity issues within the esports sphere. Our goal is to provide an entertaining product that can engage esports fans and enhance their experience when watching esports matches. This whole experience can be ruined if someone alters the competition by cheating. Match-fixing is something we are fighting against thanks to our traders’ expertise and our risk management tools, and now as well collaborating with ESIC.’’

Oddin’s Head of Partnerships, Marek Suchar

ESIC is also delighted to work together with Oddin. Commissioner Ian Smith shares:

‘’We are happy to welcome Oddin into our global anti-fraud network. It is very important for us that key esports betting provider such as Oddin becomes a member. They will help us fight match-fixing practices over the multiple jurisdictions they operate in. We look forward to having long-term cooperation with them.’’ 

Commissioner Ian Smith

Oddin is dedicated to delivering the best betting experience in esports. It uses cutting-edge technology, data science, and machine learning algorithms to maximize the quality of its services, which include providing esports odds feedrisk management, and iFrame solutions. Combined with the greatly experienced personnel and official data Oddin is using, it truly is the peak of what an esports betting service should be.  

The ESIC joined the esports scene back in 2016. Their goal is to become the much-needed peacekeeper in esports and investigate, prevent, prosecute and disrupt all fraudulent practices that plague the esports ecosystem.

We at Esports Grizzly wish ESIC and their new partner Oddin the best in their endeavours to turn esports into a prime mind sports experience. In the esports world where fraudulent practices have become as much of an issue that the Kunshan police and FBI had to be involved in fighting against cheating and match-fixing, respectively, such an integrity commission is much needed. 

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