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Published: April 16, 2021

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  • Professional PUBG Mobile player Gabriel “NTX” Garcia got banned from competitive play for a year
  • The reason was a racist remark towards another player
  • Influence Rage, NTX’s organization, also has parted ways with him but is open to the player should he undergo re-education

Yet another PUBG player receives harsh retribution for behaving in a non-civil manner. 

NTX’s Ban and Ruined Relations with Influence Rage

Brazilian player Gabriel “NTX” Garcia received a year-long ban from playing competitively in PUBG Mobile. This came as a result of a racist comment he made during a live stream last week. 

NTX’s exact words weren’t confirmed. However, this means his days in playing for Influence Rage in the local PUBG Mobile Pro League are over. 

PUBG Mobile Esports issued a statement where they commented on the player’s actions. It was said that the game’s competitive scene is not a place for such behavior. Both the tournament organizer and Tencent condemn such misconduct and toxicity. PUBG Mobile Esports promised to continue investigating and punishing such actions accordingly in order to ensure a healthier game environment.

As if things weren’t bad enough for NTX, his organization Influence Rage cut ties with him via an official Instagram story post. The organization concluded that it would still be glad to offer re-education and psychological training should the player wish to correct his ways. 

NTX also reacted with a comment of his own. He posted on Instagram that the said racist remark was directed towards a colleague with whom he is rather close and was therefore just friendly banter. NTX apologized if he has unwittingly offended someone and promised not to let it happen again. 

However, the damage is already done, and whether NTX manages to fix his relations with PUBG Mobile and/or the Influence Rage organization, he will still have to drop out from the ongoing Brazilian PUBG Mobile Pro League. 

This kind of drama has been a staple in competitive gaming. Recently Meyers Leonard found himself in a similar situation because of a slur he said during a Call of Duty live stream, and a whole Fortnite team was disqualified from a tournament because of player Wrigley’s angry remark towards Epic Games’ CEO.  

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