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Published: January 19, 2022

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  • After more than a year of VALORANT, nitr0 has decided to return to CS:GO
  • He doesn’t dislike Riot’s shooter but it never felt quite right to him
  • Nitr0 will be returning to Team Liquid’s roster and will lead the players as an in-game captain

Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella has decided to leave the VALORANT scene and return to competing in CS:GO as a part of Team Liquid.

Nitr0 Never Felt at Home in VALORANT

Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella is a long-time Counter-Strike: Global Offensive who left CS:GO to pursue success on the fresher VALORANT esports scene a year and a half ago. Nitr0 is now making his return to CS:GO and decided to share what pushed him to this decision.

First and foremost, nitr0 explained that VALORANT never felt quite like CS:GO did. Counter-Strike is a game that he had played his whole life and harbored a special sentiment for. On the contrary, even after competing in VALORANT for a year and a half, nitr0 never quite grew to love it as much.

He revealed that at first, he wanted to continue playing Counter-Strike but after he left Team Liquid’s CS:GO lineup in 2020, he didn’t receive any good offers. In short, nitr0’s time in VALORANT was urged by necessity. That’s likely a part of why he never felt at home in competitive VALORANT. The professional revealed that watching the Counter-Strike Major in Stockholm made him feel melancholic and nostalgic and inclined him to revert to his roots.

Nitr0 to Return as Liquid’s In-Game Leader

That’s why nitr0 is ending his short-lived stint with 100 Thieves’ VALORANT squad and is returning home to his former CS:GO team, Team Liquid.

To secure this coveted position, nitr0 had contacted Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski from Team Liquid and started negotiating his return. Nitr0 is not only returning to his former CS:GO team but will also assume the role of an in-game team leader.

Nitr0 opened up about the differences between playing for 100 Thieves’ VALORANT team and Team Liquid’s CS:GO squad. According to him, as a VALORANT player, he had a lot of player managing to do which often stressed him. However, he trusts his former Liquid teammates and is sure he won’t have as much managing to do.

Furthermore, nitr0 wasn’t quite satisfied with the VALORANY circuit. He explained:

“I like playing at the highest level, I like traveling to compete and stuff like that and I think in Valorant there’s just not enough tournaments for me to be sufficed about. You have to do good at specific tournaments to play in the next like 3 months worth of tournaments. I like the open circuit competitive part of Counter-Strike.”

Nitr0 is optimistic about his future as a Team Liquid CS:GO player. He admits that it might take some time for the players to start seeing successes but is convinced that Liquid has the potential of being among the top teams in the game.

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