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Published: November 9, 2021

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  • Nintendo reveals its plans for the future
  • Fans of Nintendo games will be seeing more video content
  • The company will invest in new themed infrastructure

The massive gaming company has decided to invest in more “IRL” projects in order to secure its brand.

Nintendo Reveals New Investment Plans

On November 5 Nintendo released their Second Quarter Financial Results and Corporate Management Policy Briefing. In it, one can see some interesting new announcements including investing large sums of money into future game developments. But perhaps what sticks out the most is that the company seems to want to spend in creating new sources of revenue, which include new Nintendo stores and theme parks.

A short look at the paper reveals the company will be spending about $900 million on future game projects and around half that on non-gaming entertainment like the upcoming Super Mario film and other video content. The company says that a lot of that investment money came from the Switch’s success. The Switch has been so successful the past few months that it even lead to a parts shortage, which impacted the console’s production.

What perhaps stands out the most in the briefing is that Nintendo has set aside a whopping $2,7 million on Nintendo-themed infrastructure, which will include new Nintendo stores and theme parks.

New Investments and Upcoming Video Content

By this point, everybody has heard of the upcoming 2022 untitled Super Mario Film, starring Chris Pratt and Anya Taylor-Joy. Films based on video games have always seemed to receive mixed criticism, some loving them, others hating them.

Nevertheless, Nintendo seems determined to make the movie, because the company revealed plans for additional video content after the release of the film. Suntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo, said in the briefing “We will work to build software assets in fields other than games [and] will also work to develop new video content, following on from the Super Mario movie.”

It is still unclear what this might entail, but there is a possibility that a sequel to the Mario movie is already in its planning stages.

Regarding infrastructure, Nintendo plans on opening a second large store, this time in Osaka, Japan, slated to open late next year. Other infrastructure projects include a Donkey Kong-themed addition to Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World. There is also a Nintendo area under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood, and also new facilities will be built in Universal’s Orlando and Singapore.

Furukawa said that all these investments come because of the Switch’s popularity, as its “business has exceeded our expectations, putting us in a strong cash position in these last few years.”

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