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Published: August 31, 2021

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  • Ninja teases a possible return to Halo esports, with Halo Infinite proving to be an interesting game
  • The streamer and Halo legend has not given any definitive answer yet, posting an ambiguous tweet instead
  • Halo has been around for over 20 years, hosting various competitive events with great success in places such as North America

Esports may not have tempted Ninja too much, but Halo Infinite could be a turning point for the streamer who’s toying with the idea to return to the competitive scene. 

Halo Infinite Invites the Old Esports Legends Back 

Tyler’ Ninja’ Blevins, the popular Twitch streamer, retired Halo professional, and Fortnite god, has half a mind to return to competitive Halo, with the Infinite chapter proving a little too tempting to resist. Will Ninja make the jump back to Halo? He surely seems inclined to try.

Ninja’s entire career dates back to Halo when he made his first forays in the game in 2007 and consolidated himself as a wunderkind playing the game and topping the pecking order in what appeared to be an effortless fashion.

He moved on to try many other titles as well, with Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveCall of Duty: Black OpsApex Legends, and Valorant all proving interesting to Ninja, but the return of Halo and the rumored esports angle may give the player enough reason to try again.

Ninja also has a very emotional connection to the game and has found it a bonding experience with his brother. “For me, Halo is what connected me to my oldest brother, John. I love him to death, infinitely. It was where we could, like, play together and actually spend time together was Halo,” the player told Comicbook, a media outlet about “nerd culture.”

Ninja also donated $100,000 to the prize pool of Rivals Halo 2 tournament, admitting his nostalgia for the game. He seems neither too convinced nor too determined to play Halo competitively. Halo has been around for many years now, and it has allocated millions worth of prize money. 

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