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Published: May 25, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The veteran CS:GO player and coach is once again offering his skills and experience
  • He had taken a long break following G2’s failures last autumn
  • XTQZZZ had been helping Vitality’s CS:GO staff behind the scenes over the past months

Following a six-month-long break from the professional CS:GO scene, French Counter-Strike coach Rémy “?XTQZZZ?” Quoniam is ready to take the reins of a team once again.

XTQZZZ Is Looking for New Opportunities

It’s not uncommon for esports professionals to go on a hiatus as a way to rethink their career, and this seems to be the case for French CS coach Rémy “?XTQZZZ?” Quoniam. He has been out of the competitive CS:GO scene since the autumn of last year when he departed G2. The reason for this was the team’s failure to qualify for the IEM Rio Major, which brought an end to XTQZZZ’s brief 10-month stint with the organization.

However, it seems the 34-year-old coach is once again ready to take the lead and teach new talent as he recently announced he is looking for a new organization. “After taking a 6-month break from coaching, I want to continue my career,” he wrote in a statement announcing his return to the professional CS:GO scene.

“After taking a 6-month break from coaching, I want to continue my career,” the statement reads. “When I left G2 Esports, it was very important for me to take care of my family and myself. This was the most important after the birth of our second child and the problems that followed. Now that all that is managed and behind us, it is time to go back to the fight.”

Despite not being the head coach of an active roster, XTQZZZ has not been sitting idly over the past half a year. In his statement, he explained that he had been helping the management and CS:GO, staff of Team Vitality, which he said was “a nice experience and allowed me to share more”. 

Speaking of Vitality, XTQZZZ’s relationship with the team goes way back. He was one of their first coaches when the bees entered Counter-Strike back in 2018. During his tenure with Vitality, the 34-year-old coach helped the team lift six trophies. This relationship ended shortly after Vitality decided to go international in 2022. 

During the past few months, as XTQZZZ was once again working with Vitality at the back of the stage, he had received some new opportunities. “I have received some interesting offers since October and I would like to thank these clubs,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, it was not the right timing and I wanted to keep the course we had set,” the coach explained why he hasn’t accepted any of them until now.

Regardless, now that XTQZZZ is ready to retake a team’s reins, it likely won’t be long before an organization snatches him up due to his many years of experience.

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