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Published: December 27, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Cancel culture has often proven a vastly divisive topic souring relationships and dividing communities.
  • Popular streamer xQc recognizes the benefits of cancel culture as holding individuals accountable for their actions
  • There are some objections to “cancel culture” still but this may be because of a misunderstanding of what this is

The term cancel culture has been used derogatively to dismiss wrongdoing by popular (and not always) people. Streamer xQc argues that cancel culture is not a bad thing after all.

Understanding “Cancel Culture” Past the Stereotype

Cancel culture has been a divisive topic for many, breaking friendships, and polarizing groups of people. The argument against cancel culture has always been that it’s “opportunistic” and it runs on fabricated evidence against successful people.

However, cancel culture has been a way for marginalized victims to speak up and bring down their oppressors. Intensified in the fathomless depths of social media, “canceling” an individual may seem like it’s motivated by someone’s jealousy, but it has more often than not turned out to be driven by a genuine pain inflicted on that person or people.

Popular streamer Felix “xQc” Lengyel has been someone who opposed cancel culture in the past, but he seems that he now realizes that the trend is not something that is directed to maliciously sully reputation but bring often despicable people to accountability.

xQc has said that the movement is “good’ insofar it brings those offending parties to justice where the legal system fails. This was in contrast to the streamer’s comments from May this year when he said that the cancel movement wasn’t real:

“Isn’t that what you expect from humans? For them to learn from their mistakes? Just because you woke up in a woke culture doesn’t make you better than anyone else.”


The streamer dwelled on cancel culture in July as well, arguing that people were canceling each other out because they were more or less mean. However, xQc has been doing some thinking and in a new video, he argued that his opinion has changed.

xQc Sees the Merit of “Cancelling” People

His original sentiment was that people canceled things that “made them feel upset.” That is until recently when he stated:

“You guys might say I’m wrong about this, but overall, cancel culture is a good thing. Sometimes, the legal system will fail. Sometimes, the legal system cannot operate on certain things.”


However, he seems to not be one hundred percent leaning behind the idea of cancel culture just yet. “It’s okay to sometimes to hold somebody accountable,” xQc argued. He also acknowledged that not a lot of people get canceled.

xQc may be right that not a lot of people “get canceled,” but that is the point. Cancel culture is not there to sully successful people but rather to hold everyone accountable for their actions, regardless of their status or level of success.

Of course, some objections against cancel culture do stand. The argument is that in theory, we have all said “stupid” things and that none of us would stand the level of scrutiny. However, the people who did get canceled were canceled based on genuine concerns and evidence about past wrongdoings.

Tobi Wan, a popular Dota 2 caster, and Redeye, a Dota 2 personality, both faced some pretty damning accusations. Those accusations stood public scrutiny and were ultimately proven. While both Tobi and Redeye experienced some great personal distress because of the accusations, they were held accountable for what they had done.

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