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Published: August 20, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • In a stream, Asmongold commented on the new PTR launched for WoW and set aside to test WoW Classic content
  • Fans are speculating that Blizzard may be trying to restart Vanilla, faced with a mass exodus of players to private servers again
  • Asmongold seems fond of the idea and has pitched a ream of suggestions how Vanilla 2.0 may be improved once again

As the WoW community speculates that the Classic experience may be restarted, Asmongold has weighed in with some ideas that can have an impact on the gameplay.

Is WoW Classic Coming Back? If So, Here’s What to Improve

Asmongold has made a name for himself streaming some of the biggest MMORPGs of our time and becoming a community leader in World of Warcraft. Offering exciting streams and a positive, can-do attitude, Asmongold has risen to salience on Twitch and among other MMO fans. One thing Asmongold isn’t known for is sugar-coating the truth, especially when it concerns one of the games he cares about the most, World of Warcraft.

During a stream, Asmon went on to lambast some of the current shortcomings of the current state of the game, calling it “sprinkled with dog s**t,” and addressing the exodus of players disappointed with the end of the Vanilla era, at least in Classic. He also touched on a suspected refresh of the Vanilla experience which fans have been speculating about since Blizzard launched a test realm loaded with Classic content.

Asmongold has chosen to believe that this would mean a new start for Classic players, which makes a lot of sense given that players have been leaving WoW Classic for private servers – the exact reason why Blizzard considered restarting the Vanilla experience.

Recreate Classic with Better Quality-of-Life Features

Asmongold then went on to suggest some interesting quality-of-life features already present in the current game that could help recreate the “Vanilla 2.0” experience in a much more satisfying way. One such was the introduction of AoE looting mechanic, already present in the latest version of the game.

He said that the cost of re-specialization of talents should be removed from the game and that the Mage class should not be allowed to boost and boost itself with such simplicity. He also went on to suggest that the Classic could benefit from other, spicier ideas, such as introducing the Demon Hunter and Death Knight as playable classes.

Adding a premade group finder could be another huge way to not just boost the experience in terms of time spent, but also improve it. Ultimately, Asmongold argued that it’s really up to the community to weigh in on those changes and Blizzard can make the game far more enjoyable by continuing to improve Vanilla, including with new boss mechanics that can add spice to the fights.

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