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Published: September 9, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Twitch has been having an increased presence of female streamers
  • Some of them pile up millions of watch hours within a month
  • In this dynamic market new stars rise all the time

As women continue to carve their way into gaming, here are some of the most influential female Twitch streamers currently.

Twitch’s Top Female Streamers

Twitch is an undisputed leader in video game streaming. The platform has recently faced some competition from YouTube and has had some conflicts that pushed certain streamers like TimTheTatman away. In turn, other streamers who had previously left the platform returned (Ninja for example).

In this dynamic streaming market, nothing is set in stone. Top streamers constantly fall out of favor and other rising stars take their place. With this in mind, let’s take a look at one of Twitch’s powerhouses: the female streamers and their performance for the last month (numbers rounded).

According to StreamCharts, the streaming platform is currently indisputably dominated by Amouranth. With more than twice as many total hours for the month compared to the next in line, she has been enjoying some great statistics. Amouranth’s August performance shows that her streams have been watched for almost four million total hours by an average of 11,000 people and a peak of 18,000.  

The second place goes to saddummy who has the respectable 1.6 million total hours watched. Despite having a lower average viewer number of 5,600, saddummy actually leads Amouranth in terms of peak audience as she managed to get 21,000 concurrent viewers.

The third place is occupied by Jinnytty who has a similar number of total hours as saddummy, totaling up to 1.4 million. Jinnity has rather unremarkable stats of 11,000 peak viewers and 6,000 average viewers.

Next up is biyin_ who, despite having only 1.2 million hours, actually leads in terms of average and concurrent viewership. Her average audience of 15,000 peaked at a whopping 67,000. Biyin_ also leads the month in terms of followers gain as she mustered over 220,000 new fans (compared to 180,000, 1800 and 20,000 for Amouranth, saddummy and Jinnytty respectively).

The fifth place is IamCristinini who, much like biyin_ has around 1 million hours watched and a great concurrent viewership with an average of 7,000 and a peak of 55,000.

Bellow are August ranks 6-10:

  • fuslie: 1 million hours watched, Average viewers: 6,700, Peak viewers: 17,000
  • AnniTheDuck: 940,000 hours watched, Peak viewers: 32,000
  • 39daph: 920,000 hours watched, Peak viewers: 14,000
  • dda_ju: 900,000 hours watched, Peak viewers: 13,000
  • LakshartNia: 840,000 hours watched, Peak viewers: 42,000

Pokimane is currently missing from this list as she recently took a break. The influential streamer announced her return mere days ago.

Women’s Increased Gaming Presence

Gaming in recent years has become quite more inclusive than it used to be. In the past video games as a whole were held in quite a bad regard by the masses but now we have whole multi-million events being watched by huge audiences. In this expanding ecosystem women have been having an increasingly high presence.

Other than female streamers having an impressive following, professional women-exclusive esports teams were created. Additionally, various initiatives to empower women in gaming have been created, such as Riot’s Game Changers series. The popular video game company recently launched a program for female esports casters as well.

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