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Published: October 31, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Four out of five slots in the Vtuber nominations of the Streamy Awards are taken by Vshojo
  • This has somewhat divided the wider vtuber watching community
  • Many say the Streamy Awards were biased toward English-speaking talents

Four Vshojo streamers are nominated in this year’s Streamy Awards, but Hololive and Nijisanji miss out on a slot. 

Vshojo Girls Take Most of the Nominations

Watching streams has become a popular activity for many internet users, so much so that it often rivals television. And to acknowledge the biggest names in streaming and online content creation, the Streamy Awards have announced their nominations across many different categories.

Some names include social media stars MrBeast, Mark Rober, Dream, and even some traditional media personalities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Gordon Ramsay. But with the rise in popularity of Vtubers over the past few years, the Streamy Awards also have a dedicated category for them as well.

This year, the category is being dominated by members of the American-based Vtuber agency VShogo, with four of their talents being part of the five-slot nominations. These are Ironmouse, Nyanners, Zentreya, and Veibae, while independent Vtuber CodeMiko rounds out the list. 

The Community Is Divided 

With the Streamy Awards revealing the full list of nominees, many viewers have called into question why there are no representatives of the two biggest Vtuber agencies – Hololive and Nijisanji. Bothe Japanese-based agencies have Japanese, English, and Indonesian branches with some of their members far surpassing Vshojo’s creators in terms of subscribers and average viewership. 

Some content creators have even said that the Streamy Awards are biased toward VShojo and English-speaking talents. “If you’re streaming on YouTube, why not put some YouTube VTubers on here,” said Pipkin Pippa from the small Canadian-based agency Phase-Connect. 

She pointed out she has nothing against the nominated creators, but still thinks it’s a great oversite on part of the Streamy Awards not to include some notable Vtubers. She gave examples of Fillian and Shylily on Twitch, and Hololive Indonesia’s Kobo, all of whom have seen a large growth this year. 

Pipkin Pippa’s arguments were supported by some quite big names. One of these was streaming superstar Ludwig himself, who said that albeit this year’s Streamy Awards were “the most in touch”, they were still quite out of touch. 

To be nominated for a Streamy Award, streamers have to submit themselves for nomination before August 15 via the award’s website. All nominations must be made “by the owner, creator, or otherwise authorized representative” of each creator. There is the possibility that Hololive and Nijisanji talents did not make the cut because they were simply not included, be it because of a company policy or otherwise. 

Meanwhile, Zentreya has withdrawn her nomination so other “multi-talented people more deserving” can have their work recognized. “I have already put my withdrawal in for the Streamy VTuber category so that someone more amazing can get their moment to shine,” she wrote on Twitter

It’s still unclear if Zentreya’s withdrawal will be accepted and who will take her place if it is.

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