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Published: June 6, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • All weapons models are now available on the CS2 workshop page
  • Fans hope to see more similar updates for map and payer models
  • June 14 could mark an important update about the game

We will likely get a ton of weapon skins when Counter-Strike 2 launches, as developers Valve have uploaded all the weapon models so that content creators may tinker with them.

Valve Uploads Weapon Models

As we are entering June, every CS:GO fan is preparing for the eventual transition of the game into Counter-Strike 2, which is supposed to happen sometime in the following months. Since it was announced that CS2 will arrive sometime in the summer, Valve has been teasing players with content ranging from videos of the new mechanics to closed beta tests. It appears the company is continuing to drip-feed the fans, this time by granting all workshop tinkerers the opportunity to dive headfirst into the various updated models.

Players already had access to various workbench materials and publishing tools, but now, they will be able to think up and design new weapon skins before the game has even launched. With the community having years of experience making creative skins, odds are we would get to see some interesting cosmetics when CS2 finally launches.

Interested content creators can now access the entire selection of weapon models available, with the .zip file being available on the recently-updated workshop resources website. Of particular note to fans is the inclusion of the taser, which leads many fans to believe we would finally get skins for the weapon in CS2.

Although the original CS2 showcase highlighted the various map changes made with the new Source 2 engine, it only left fans asking for more. However, Valve has not released much info on the topic recently. With the release of weapon models, fans are now hoping that we might soon see map and character models as well.

Older updates for CS2 included the “hackerone” policy changes which stoked the flames of CS2’s impending release. The policy change left CS:GO open to a multitude of potential bugs without a developer to fix them. However, the update also included the date of June 14, which many players now think will mark a huge update, possibly getting a chance to make a test run on the Source 2 engine.

As the date draws near, fans are becoming increasingly restless to learn when CS2 will officially launch.

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