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Published: March 1, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Steam Deck has finally launched
  • Interestingly, some Decks are delivered by nonother than Gaben himself
  • Two Redditors share their bizarre and unexpected encounter

With many customers eagerly awaiting the arrival of their Steam Decks, they did not expect to have some of them delivered personally by Valve CEO Gabe Newell.

Gabe Brings Goods

The Steam Deck was finally released on February 25 and customers are eager to receive their consoles in the coming weeks. With the first batch already shipping, Valve has to complete many orders quickly.

According to Reddit user bitfiddler0, he received his console by nonother than Valve’s CEO Gabe Newell. “Got a spammy looking email yesterday saying that a shipment of Steam Deck arrived a few days early,” bitfiddler0 writes in his post, accompanied by photos from his front door camera.

“Fast forward to today… I told my wife to watch for deliveries while I went on a full-day ski trip with friends,” bitfiddler0 continues his story. “The “delivery guy” comes and wife opens the door. He asks “Is Mike (not real name) home?” She says “no but you can leave the package with me….. and what’s with the camera crew?” Little did she know that the “delivery guy” was Gabe Newell”

The Redditor’s wife says that Gabe was a down-to-earth guy, very polite. He also said the wife should email him if she has any feedback, to which she replied “OK, but what’s your name again?”, not realizing she is speaking to one of the biggest game companies’ CEO. The Redditor jokingly writes “Anyway, excuse me while I go bang my head against a wall for missing this whole experience.”

It Is Part of an Advertisement Campaign

It is clear that this was some sort of publicity stunt from Valve, and interestingly, the case with bitfiddler0 is not the sole example. Another Redditor going by the name of SeattleRainPidgeons claimed they were also visited by Gabe Newell.

byu/SeattleRainPidgeons from discussion

“Saw a camera crew going up to my neighbors’ house while I was loading stuff into my truck,” the Redditor writes. He explains his roommate saw Gabe approach the house, carrying the device. After placing it at the front door, the Redditor and his roommates yelled “Hi Gabe!”

Gabe then asked how many people lived in the house, then proceeded to go back to his van and bring out one console for each of the house’s occupants. “Was also filmed receiving ours so I assume these will be used in some promo or online,” the Redditor writes. “Very cool day.”

As it turns out, this is indeed some kind of advertising campaign for the Steam Deck. Just a few hours before the writing of this article, GameSpot Trailers uploaded a behind the scenes of filming of it.

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