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Published: February 20, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Lotus is VALORANT’s new map that has many chokepoints
  • Woohoojin created a tier list for the best agents to use on the map
  • It contains less popular agents like Cypher and Harbor

Players are already looking for ways to exploit Lotus’ many corners and choke points and VALORANT coach Woohoojin shared his surprising tier list of agents that should be the meta for the map.

New Map Arrives to the Game

VALORANT players are always looking for new and better strategies to use on maps to get an advantage over their opponents. Whenever a new map or agent comes out, players would start testing corners and vantage points to get the best shots. Such is the case for VALORANT’s newest map, Lotus, and professional players have already given their opinions on that agents would work well on the map. 

One popular face many VALORANT players turn to for advice is coach Woohoojin, who in a recent Twitch stream revealed his official tier list of agents to pick on the map and why. The essence of his broadcast can be boiled down to using agents who can use flashes because “the map has so many flash zones,” as the coach explained.

What the coach means by “flash zones” means choke points and areas where one flash can cover the whole room and force enemies to flee or dodge. In his stream, the coach showed these zones framed in red on a map of Lotus, with the positions of defending agents framed in yellow.

What is Woohoojin’s list?

Because of the particularities of Lotus, Woohoojin’s list contains some unusual picks, one of which is Cypher, who hasn’t been prominent in the VALORANT meta for a long time. A couple of other agents placed close to the top are Omen and Astra, the reason being they should be picked “if your Sentinel doesn’t choose Cypher,” meaning they would have better synergy with agents like Killjoy or Sage. These agents’ strength on Lotus lies in their smokes which can be used to defend around point C.

Cypher is quite powerful on the new map because he has a lot of opportunities to smoke and trap, making him effective in both attack and defense, especially on C. The agent can relatively easily make use of the thin hallways and corners that this part of the map is made of. 

Considering this, Harbor also becomes a viable pick on Lotus as his abilities can impair vision and cover large areas. They can even fully block vision in Lotus’ biggest hallways, which surround the A point. Harbor can work well with Cypher as both agents can take care of each side of the map. Harbor can focus on A and Cypher on C, making pushes particularly challenging for solo queue, as the enemies might not be as coordinated as full-stack teams. 

All that is left is for the new meta to start being used by players en masse to see if Woohoojin’s theories will hold in the majority of games.

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