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Published: May 10, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • Riot teased details of an upcoming VALORANT game mode called Replication Mode
  • It is expected to arrive together with the next VALORANT patch
  • The community speculates Replication will be a mode where all players play the same agent

This Saturday Riot Games dropped a teaser for an upcoming VALORANT game mode. Fans were quick to theorize how it will work.

A New Game Mode in the Works

VALORANT has quickly established itself as one of the best competitive games out there. It has provided fans with a never-ending stream of content that keeps everyone engaged. On this note, on Saturday Riot Games released a teaser for an upcoming game mode.

The new mode will be called Replication mode and not much is known about it yet. Even the release date isn’t set in stone, although people have suggested the new patch coming with Episode 2 Act 3 will be where Replication mode drops.

It is also unclear whether the mode will be here to stay or will arrive as a limited-time event such as Escalation and Snowball Fight.

Multi-Pick Coming to VALORANT?

Riot hasn’t been upfront about the details surrounding the new VALORANT game mode. However, fans and data miners have laid down some pretty convincing speculations. According to them, it will be a mode where all players in a lobby are locked to the same character. This makes sense as in the teaser trailer we see 12 Brimstone smokes which are a trademark of the agent of the same name. Moreover the name “Replication mode” itself implies a similar idea. It could as well be a mode that just allows multi-pick where numerous team members are allowed to play the same character.

Single pick vs. Multi pick has been a controversial topic in competitive gaming. Some people appreciate the idea of having multiple copies of the same character in a team as it provides for unorthodox strategies or is just fun as everyone can always pick their favorite. Others are wary of multi-pick as the balance is a fickle thing in competitive play and a team that relies on spam may be arduous to deal with. This is especially true for asymmetrical games such as VALORANT where stacking some abilities may snowball.

Whatever the case, since it will be a separate game mode, it isn’t going to affect the current professional scene. Yet it may prove to be a great way to have fun for both amateurs and elites.

Fun is an important thing in media and VALORANT has been trying its best to provide it to its fans. It just introduced a system that tracks toxic behavior in the voice comms from regular offenders in order to prevent petty squabbles from reoccurring.

We are yet to hear an official announcement about Replication Mode’s rules, whether the mode will be a permanent addition to the game and exactly when it’s going to be released.

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