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Published: September 27, 2021

Written by: David

  • Yet another all-female professional team enters the scene
  • The team is comprised of former Valorant champions
  • The captain talks about the team’s hopes and aspirations

The North America-based gaming organization Version1 announced a new all-female team for Valorant named VersionX.

Version1 Signs Just Breathe  

Version1 announced the new roster just before the start of the Game Changers qualifiers. The new team will be called VersionX and will have their eyes set on the third NA VCT Game Changers event, which is supposed to begin at the end of this month.

With this signing, Versdion1 joins the likes of Cloud 9 and Guild Esports, who have also contracted all-female rosters in a phenomenal increase in female gaming in professional esports. The team is no stranger to playing in tournaments. Most of the players (except Naomi) have played together at the second NA Game Changers event under the name of team Just Breathe. They faced off against Naomi, who had been playing with CLG Red since March but will now be joining VersionX.

On top of competing in the NA Game Changers event, the former team has also played in smaller events such as the fourth Sakura Cup, in which they placed top eight. The core, around which the team is built, is former Dignitas player Kiara “milkyway” Makua and Counter Logic Gaming Red player Naomi “Naomi” Sauvola.

What Else Do We Know About the Team?

All players in the team are former CS:GO and Valorant champions that have been competing in Game Changers since early 2021. Here is a more detailed list of the roster and their mains:

1.Kiara “Milkyway” Blue Kukilakilaokalani Makua

  • IGL/Controller
  • Mostly plays Astra, but she was on Jett and Reyna in the initial days.

2. Natalia “Natty” Jackson

  • Main duelist/Second Entry Fragger
  • She Plays KAYO or Raze

3. Rachel Lynn “Rush” Hang

  • Initiator
  • She also often plays Sova in all her competitive career

4. Katherine “Karra” Lee

  • Sentinel/Controller
  • Karra is the Sage of the team and is responsible to heal. Also, she is good on Astra

5. Naomi Sauvola

  • Sentinel/Controller
  • Plays Killjoy or Skye

VersionX’s captain and in-game leader shared her expectations from the team in the official press statement. Put simply, VersionX will strive to be a top female team in Valorant. She added that the team’s initial goal after starting to play together was to make it to the main VCT Game Changers event, which they already did. She ended by saying that the team being together in Minnesota will help them improve in-game at a much faster rate.

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