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Published: November 30, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Riot will be taking a stance against smurfing, according to a recent leak
  • There will also be changes to the map rotation
  • Chamber will be hit with another round of nerfs

VALLORANT’s next patch is slated to be released in mid-December, but leakers have already found out which parts of the game will Riot change.

Leakers Find Intriguing Things

One of the earliest ways fans understand news about their favorite games is through leaks, and VALORANT is no stranger to those. The latest leaks about the shooter’s Patch 5.12, which will be released next month, suggest that VALORANT’s meta might be in for some very big changes. 

“December is looking great for VALORANT,” reads a post by the leaker account ValorLeaks on Twitter. According to the leaker, Riot will be taking a swing at the game’s persistent smurfing problem. Those players, who create new accounts to beat lower ranks might be a thing of the past, or at least, a bigger hurdle to overcome for those attempting to do so.

The patch will also focus on map rotations, which is something that’s been talked about within the community. There have been multiple complaints in the past about players having to play the same map over and over again, leading to some amount of frustration and boredom. The changes that Riot has undertaken in the past don’t seem to be enough, so the developer seems to be preparing new more in-depth changes for Patch 5.12.

Some other major changes are coming to Chamber. He was the 17th Agent to be released in VALORANT on November 16 last year and has since dominated the game’s meta. He is a Sentinel and is often named the most broken and overpowered Agents in the game. His ability kit puts him at a much higher advantage as opposed to his other Sentinel friends and has even been chosen over some Duelists in the game’s current meta.

Having an insanely high pick rate of 67% during the VALORANT Champions 2022 in Istanbul, the community has often begged Riot for changes. Although the Agent received some nerfs in Patch 5.03, these didn’t seem enough. 

But if ValorLeaks’ sources are correct, the Agent is in for a shakeup. While the exact details of the expected changes remain unknown, players can expect Riot Games to bring about a few adjustments to nerf the Agent and bring balance to the game’s Sentinel meta.

All of these changes will be first played on the VALORANT Public Beta Environment (P.B.E.) on December 2, Friday. If they turn out to be successful, they will be introduced into the full game on December 14 when Patch 5.12 is released.

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