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Published: March 9, 2023

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Riot is soon releasing the much-anticipated Oni 2.0 line
  • The skin line will have a katana-inspired melee called Onimaru Kunitsuna
  • It will be one of the game’s most expensive skins

Recent leaks suggest that VALORANT’s upcoming Onimaru Kunitsuna melee skin will cost a whopping 5 350 VP, which is about $56 in real money.

Leaks Reveal New Skins Price

VALORANT’s Oni bundle has seen one of the most popular skin lines in the game. Because of this, Riot Games is introducing the long-awaited Oni 2.0 series of skins later this month. Although the company officially announced this less than two weeks ago, players already knew at the beginning of February that a new line of skins is coming to the game, thanks to information released by the well-known VALORANT data miner ValorLeaks.

Considering the Japanese theming of the skin line, many fans expected a katana-like melee, since the original Oni line did not include one. Fortunately, Riot showcased a thematic skin named Onimaru Kunitsuna recently, but did not disclose much information about it. This is where ValorLeaks once again comes into the picture and it seems like the highly anticipated Onimaru Kunitsuna will come with a hefty price. 

How Does This Skin Compare to Others?

Costing 5 350 VP, the Onimaru Kunitsuna will be one of the most expensive melee weapons in the whole game. Only one other melee weapon in VALORANT shares this price tag with the katana – the Waveform. Released in 2021, this skin was a collaboration with Zedd and plays music when inspected. Waveform quickly became one of the most south-after skins in VALORANT and due to its background, many fans think that the hefty price tag is justified. 

With its 4 350 VP price tag, the RGX 11Z Pro Blade is another comparable skin to the Onimaru Kunitsuna. But the similarities don’t end there, as the leaked animation for the Oni 2.0 melee certainly looks similar to the RGX 11Z Pro Blade’s animations, although there are certainly notable differences. 

Only two melee skins that are more expensive than the Onimaru Kunitsuna, the first one being the 2022 VCT Champions Butterfly Knife. Since it was available for purchase for a limited time, the knife is one of the rarest skins in VALORANT. Players had to cough up a whopping 6 265 VP to get this knife alongside a bundle with its corresponding Phantom skin.

Finally, there’s the only weapon that, on its own, costs more than the Onimaru Kunitsuna and Waveform. With a price tag of 5 400 VP, the 2023 VCT LOCK//IN Misericórdia was sold for a limited time as a singular item with color variants.

Speaking of variants, the Onimaru Kunitsuna will come in several distinct color palettes. If you’re a fan of the aesthetic, you can get a whole bundle of Oni 2.0 skins, which include kins for the Frenzy, Vandal, Ares, Bulldog, and of course melee, at a cost of 7 100 VP.

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