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Published: September 29, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The market opens on September 28 and will be available for less than two weeks
  • It will offer all kinds of gun skins from various previous collections
  • Battle pass and Agent Contract skins won’t be available, unfortunately

Players who have saved up for a specific gun skin will have the ability to purchase it from VALORANT’s Night Market until October 10.

Night Market Returns

Skins have always been a way for players to brag in-game, and like many other popular titles, VALORANT is filled with cosmetics that players can use to customize their own play. One of the best ways to acquire new skins is the Night Market, the rotating bi-monthly store, offering players a random selection of new skins at lowered prices. 

For the benefit of skin hunters, the Market will be returning on September 28, allowing players to buy skins outside of the usual bundles. But those who wish to purchase new skins must do it expediently, as the shop will be open for less than two weeks, closing on October 10. 

How to Use the Market?

Players that log into the game can find the Night Market in the top right-hand corner of the game’s opening screen. The sparkling little card logo will easily grab one’s attention. Clicking on the symbol will grant players access to tons of discounted goodies. 

Then, all one has to do is turn over the cards and that will tell customers what skin is on offer as well as the percentage discount. Additionally, the color of the card’s background and the little shape in the bottom right-hand corner will indicate the tier of skin that this is.

What Can Players Purchase?

Players will have the option of purchasing various ones from Select, Deluxe, or Premium skin collections that have been released in the Store at least two acts before the one the Night Market was opened in. Agent Contract and Battle Pass skins, as well as gun skins classed as Exclusive or Ultra Edition also cannot appear in a Night Market. Night Market cannot offer more than two skins for the same type of weapon unless this condition would prevent the player from getting six offers.

These restrictions may seem too much, but considering players will be allowed to get literally any other skin, at a discount price, it’s not a bad deal. Additionally, Riot has implemented a Bad Luck Protection guarantee to make sure you don’t walk away disappointed.

The Night Market is also a great way for players to get a specific skin off a collection of bundles Riot has provided.

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