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Published: September 28, 2021

Written by: David

  • Riot Games drop a few sparing details about upcoming Valorant details
  • The team hits at a “mechanics-heavy gameplay” and suggest the addition is a Sentinel
  • A new Sentinel may have to rely on guns gameplay and abilities more so than its predecessors

Speculation continues to surround the identity of Valorant’s latest character as Riot Games has provided a new balance and new-character update earlier this week.

Is a New Sentinel Coming to Valorant?

Riot Games are on the cusp of deploying a new Valorant agent update but as anticipation builds up, the company has been dropping tits and bits over what fans may expect. In the company’s most recent State of the Agents news blast, Riot introduced fans to some of the mechanics they can look forward to, or at least hinted at the general idea behind the mysterious addition to the game’s playable agents list.

The new agent has been in the news for several months now with the Year One Anthem Video in June dropping a few hints here and there and a mysterious French-accented narrator fleshing out the personality of the mysterious combatant.

In the meantime, Riot has provided more details about the balance of previous agents as it continues to build up hype for the mysterious addition to its lineup. The community has been speculating that the latest arrival is Deadeye who brought havoc down on Fracture, one of VALORANT’s latest maps.

No Meat on the Bone of Rumors

Yet, there has been no official confirmation by anyone on Riot Games’ team, including character producer John Goscicki. However, Goscicki has been kind enough to add a few more strokes to the ballyhooed character’s portrait, arguing that the company has been looking to rely on more mechanical gameplay more so than anything else.

“A Sentinel that focuses on mechanical outplays, with an additional focus of gunplay into the mix for an extra flourish,” Goscicki explained. While we may speculate about who the next agent would be, one thing is certain and that is that the new arrival will be a Sentinel.

With three Sentinel agents already in the roster, to wit Sage, Killjoy and Cypher, a fourth is definitely a welcome addition. If Riot Games delivers on its promise, we may see more innovative gameplay that requires a lot of precision and heavier gunplay as well as the use of unique abilities.

But as is the company’s wont, they are likely to mum the word and not spill the beans until the time has come for players to get their hands on the brand-new Sentinel character.

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