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Published: June 5, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • There will be no VALORANT at the Esports World Cup due to massive schedule conflicts
  • It’s hoped that this will not be the case in 2025 with a new schedule incoming
  • Other Riot Games titles, however, will be present in this year’s Esports World Cup

The Esports World Cup will be conducted during stage two of the VCT 2024 season, meaning VALORANT orgs will not be able to attend the former event.

Esports World Cup to Miss VALORANT

Saudi Arabia’s Esports World Cup is drawing near by the day but it seems like the tournament will go on without VALORANT. It appears that various scheduling difficulties are the reason for this turnout of events, although many VALORANT organizations have apparently pushed Riot Games “hard” for the game to be included.

The title was seriously considered to be included in the upcoming tournament since Riot Games announced its participation in the Esports World Cup back in March of this year. “At the Esports World Cup, TFT and League join 20+ of the other largest games on the planet to create a new gaming experience for players around the world. These cross-game, cross-genre esports events are unique moments for fans of all types of games to come together,” Riot said at the time.

Unfortunately. now it becomes clear that there isn’t enough flexibility in the scheduling that will permit pro teams to compete at the event. It will run in Riyadh from July 4 until August 25 but this period can easily be considered the busiest and most important part of the VCT 2024 schedule.

The beginning of the Esports World Cup occurs right in the middle of stage two of the VCT 2024 season. Half the event takes place during the final two regular season games and the all-important playoff bracket which determines the teams that go to Champions. What’s funnier is that the second half of the EWC takes place during Champions itself. Not only that but the two tournaments will end on the same day – August 25.

Could Things Change In the Future?

While we will not be seeing VALORANT pros entertain at the EWC this year, things may change in the future. In the previous months, Riot Games has confirmed that the schedule for the 2025 competitive season will be different. This might mean that there will be arrangements made so that the game could be present in the future iteration of the Esports World Cup.

That being said, more potential problems might be placed before this comes to fruition. Riot Games has previously received criticism for working with the EWC. The main reason stated is that the organization is linked to the Saudi government, which has often been criticized for violating various human rights.

Despite VALORANT not being part of the Esports World Cup, it should be noted that other Riot titles, such as League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics, will be featured at the event.

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