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Published: April 26, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot reveals a new set of skins coming to VALORANT
  • They are made to evoke the aesthetics of a high-end gaming machine
  • The skins will arrive with VALORANT’s Episode 4 Act 3, launching on April 27

With the launch of VALORANT’s new season comes the arrival of a new agent and a set of amazing weapons skins inspired by gaming hardware.

New Cosmetics Are Coming to the Game

VALORANT’s new Episode 4 Act 3 is soon going to be released and it features the newest agent Fade, as well as a ton of new skins and cosmetics as part of its revamped battle pass. However, one thing not available in it, yet still coming to the game with the release of the new episode is the RGX 11z Pro skin line. Players can purchase the whole skin bundle, or just specific skins, from the in-game store.

Just like other Ultra skins, the ones from this series feature custom animations, colors, and some stellar VFX designs emanating from the weapon itself. Here are the full details for the VALORANT RGX 11z Pro skins:

  • Bundle Cost: 8,700 VP (includes all gun skins, one card, one gun buddy, and one spray)
  • Edition: Exclusive
  • Weapons: Operator, Phantom, Classic, Spectre, Melee
  • Variants:

– Red Variant with white, red, purple, and yellow VFX

– Blue Variant with blue, yellow, purple, and white VFX

       – Yellow Variant with yellow-orange, yellow, purple, and cyan teal VFX

What’s the Skin’s Inspiration and Lore?

The RGX 11z Pro skins are inspired by high-end gaming hardware, alluding to a player’s first time playing on a proper gaming machine. Art Lead Kerwin Atienza wrote that the goal of the project was to help “unleash that gamer within and for them to express themselves through this skinline.”

“We wanted to capture that same feeling the first time they got their hands to play in that glorious power-packed custom PC rig with the latest video card and gaming peripherals,” added Atienza. “That same feeling of prestige and bragging rights knowing you have the best in class right at your fingertips.”

Atienza wanted every part of the skins to allude to the gaming experience. “From the shuffling LED lights that you can customize to the unique moving mechanisms that you see through from the transparent case, […] everything was designed to offer the players that ultimate gamer experience and vibe.”

The new skin bundle is coming to VALORANT along with the game’s new agent Fade and new battle pass on April 27. You can see further details and pictures of the skins here.

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