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Published: April 8, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Riot Games has launched the VALORANT Night.Market from April 7 through April 20
  • Six discounted items will be offered to players keen to permanently improve their inventories
  • No one same item will be offered twice to you so you can browse through freely

After its success in December and February, the VALORANT’s Night.Market is back once again and will run from April 7 through April 20.

VALORANT’s Market Place Is Back in April

Guess what? VALORANT’s Night.Market is back and once again, you will have the opportunity to purchase various in-game cosmetics at bargain prices. The Night. Market will reduce the prices for various in-game purchases and allow you to secure the skins and weapons you have always wanted to own without having to shed too much of a pretty penny.

The event runs from April 7 through April 20 giving you good two weeks to have your pick of the litter. VALORANT’s Night. Market first hit in December 2020 and it was an immediate success, returning in February but skipping March. Well, the wait seems to have been worth it.

Prices Vary, Items Will Change with Every Click

Players who are looking to revitalize their inventory will be able to do so at Night.Market. You can claim a total of six discounted items that will be permanently added to your armory. How much of a bargain you will get will depend solely on the uniqueness of each item you choose to purchase.

For example, two Premium Edition items will come at a good discount, which means that you will have your chance to snaffle up a worthwhile addition to your inventory. If you are already keen to access the Night.Market, you can do so by heading for the top right corner in the VALORANT menu.

Each time you click on the icon, an item will be revealed to you and you can buy it or leave it. No one item will ever be offered to you twice, so feel free to browse through as much as you like. April is a great time of the month to snap up an item you truly enjoy.

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