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Published: August 5, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Riot Games concludes the Valorant Give Back Bundle promotion raising $5.5 million in donation funds
  • The funds will be contributed towards various community causes through the company’s Social Impact Fund
  • Riot Games welcomed the community for participating and urged Valorant players to be agents of change in their communities

The sale of the Give Back Bundle in Valorant generated $5.5 million for Riot Games’ Social Impact Fund, a charity initiative.

Riot Games Drives Social Change through Gaming

Riot Games continues to go above and beyond to help communities with the Valorant limited-time bundle generating $5.5 million for the company’s Social Impact Fund. According to the company, proceedings from the bundle generated in the period between June 22 and July 8 will now go to various social initiatives.

Riot Games is continuously experimenting with community-driven decisions to generate additional crowdfunding and contribute it towards worthwhile causes while offering players good incentives to participate. For example, the Give Back Bundle consisted of cosmetics that were handpicked by the community.

That included The Reaver Sheriff, Ion Operator, VALORANT GO! Vol. 1 Spectre, and Reaver Vandal which generated the highest interest during the fan vote and were available for $20 per skin. Additionally, Riot Games left the option to buy directly in VP with the skins costing 1,755 VP each.

The proceedings will be divvied up among educational, citizenship, and other initiatives that are intended at contributing to various communities in the real world. “We can’t thank you enough for supporting the Give Back Bundle by casting your votes and expanding your weapon cache for a good cause,” Riot Games explained in a statement.

Riot sought help from Impact Assets, a company focusing on distributing charity and donation funds. The company thanked players for participating and advised them to be agents of change in their respective communities.

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