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Published: September 29, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • A screenshot circulating on Twitter suggested the minimal age for participation is no longer 16
  • This confused players and management alike
  • Riot stepped in to say that the age requirements are not changed

A miscommunication between team managers and Riot induced a lot of confusion regarding the minimal age requirements for participating in the VCT Game Changers

Screenshot Brings about Confusion

Many esports organizations and fans want to see more women on the competitive scene. Riot is one of those organizations and it is using VALORANT as a medium to invite more female players to high-level professional play. This is why in 2021 the company announced VCT Game Changers – a female-only tournament series, which specifically aims to highlight the skill and prominence of female players.

Like other esports leagues, Game Changers players have to meet certain age requirements to participate. However, a recent string of miscommunications regarding the minimum age of participants sent the VALORANT community in a state of confusion. Normally, players need to be at least 16 years old to participate, but a Discord screenshot circulating on Twitter suggested that the ruling for the VCT Game Changers 2023 has changed that age to 18. 

The news initially discouraged many young players who have been waiting to play in the VCT, as they thought they already had the needed age. The screenshot circulated on Twitter, however, suggested the age was lifted to 18, forcing many to wait two more years. This confusion eventually caught the attention of Riot who had to step in.

Riot Responds to the Confusion

After many fans were led to believe there’s been a big ruling change for next year’s Game Changers, Riot stepped in to clear up the confusion. Dot Esports talked to a VCT NA spokesperson who confirmed that the age requirements will not be changed for next year’s VCT Game Changers. 

“NA Game Changers minimum age requirement will not change and remain at 16,” the spokesperson explained. “The 18+ age requirement only applies to the International Leagues, including teams that qualify into the league through the Ascension tournaments.”

The confusion amongst managers and players might have come about because of the recently released VCT rules. They included some rules that International League teams will be required to follow. One of these said that players must be born “on or before March 26, 2005.” There used to be certain exceptions to the rule that required players to use a parental consent form, however, this rule will not apply to Game Changers moving forward.

The next event in the Game Changers series will run from October 12 to 16 with the winner going straight to the first Game Changers international tournament.

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