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Published: March 6, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • VALORANT has earned $18.7 million from VALORANT Champions skin bundle sales
  • Half of the money was kept by Riot while the remainder was given to the teams
  • Each team adopted a different policy on how to distribute the money among its staff

VALORANT fans have collectively spent over $18.7 million on the VCT Champions bundle, with half of that going to sponsor the teams.

Half of the Money Went to the Teams

VALORANT has been synonymous with success. Because of how beloved the game is, many people want to distinguish themselves from their peers – this is where skins come in. It was reported that the VALORANT Champions skin bundle alone has earned the company a jaw-dropping $18.7 million in revenue.

Only half of the aforementioned sum went in Riot’s pockets, though, as the other half was given to the participants in December’s VCT Champions tournament. The esports news outlet reported that a total of $9.35 was distributed evenly among the sixteen professional teams, nurturing the esports scene. Each team, therefore, received around $585,000.

Teams had different policies on how this money was distributed between the players and the organization. Vivo Keyd’s players got the best of it, with the players receiving 80% of the proceeds. It was reported that each of the organization’s players got $93,000. Other organizations, such as OpTic Gaming (previously Envy) and Sentinels gave half to the organization and half to the players. Cloud9 and a few others are yet to decide on the exact distribution as of the time of this writing. X10 CRIT decided to keep all the money for the organization since it dismissed its whole roster in January.

The Bundle Was a Resounding Success

Regardless of how teams have decided to distribute the money, it is without a doubt that fans have had very active participation in the purchases. The VCT Champions bundles featured a Vandal skin, as well as a karambit melee. It also had a myriad of other skins with various variants.

The bundle was announced back on November 23 and by December 8 had already garnished $7.5 million just for the teams, meaning that fans collectively spent over $15 million in the span of just two weeks.

Those numbers aren’t that surprising considering how successful VALORANT is. The game overtook the first-person shooter market by storm, causing a brain drain from older titles such as CS:GO and Overwatch. Since Riot released VALORANT, many people have been attracted by its fresh and energetic competitive scene.

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