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Published: July 15, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Riot Games has revealed its format for the upcoming Masters Copenhagen playoff
  • The format prompted a ton of backlash from prominent members of the VALORANT community
  • They worry this might lead to boring matchups

Prominent members of the VALORANT community have spoken up against the format that Riot Games plans to use for the upcoming Masters Copenhagen playoff.

VCT Reveals a Controversial Playoff Format

The VALORANT Masters Copenhagen playoff is drawing nearer, but fans seem to be dissatisfied with its format. Riot Games has received a ton of backlash from the community, which says it doesn’t like the fact that North American and EMEA teams could be put against one another.

The VCT Masters Copenhagen playoff format was revealed on the third day of the event after two teams had already been eliminated during the group stage. Like many other similar events, the Copenhagen playoff’s format is determined by a random draw. However, there is once again the potential that North American teams may end up facing each other in the quarterfinals and that all three EMEA teams could be on the same side of the bracket.

VALORANT Community Responds to the Announcement

Soon after the VCT posted the announcement of the Copenhagen playoff’s format, several prominent VALORANT community members commented on how the event seemingly does not have interesting matchups. This included XSET’s Zachary “zekken” Patrone who said he is not eager to have the possibility of flying across the world to possibly play the same team he had played during Challengers Two.

XSET and OpTic Gaming have already gone up against each other twice throughout Challengers Two – once earlier in the tournament and again during the grand finals. Now, there is once again a large chance that the two organizations will face each other in the first round of the playoffs.

Echoing zekken’s concerns, Justin “Trick” Sears, another VALORANT professional from DarkZero, said that it should not be possible for NA teams to play each other in round 1.

The VALORANT community is also upset with the fact that all three qualified EMEA teams have the potential of ending up on the same side of the bracket. This means that two of them may even face off each other in the opening round.

Fans’ concerns are that if the format remains the same, this will result in the before-mentioned matchups. They may seem boring, as people have the same teams go up against one another multiple times before by watching regional qualifiers. Fans are urging Riot to change the format as they want to see something fresh at the $650 000 prize pool playoff.

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