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Published: March 1, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • With Act 1 drawing to an end, Riot Games and Valorant are already preparing a worthy sequel
  • A new Battle Pass has been confirmed for Act 2, bringing with it more game-enhancement features
  • The new installment will come with tons of new content to unlock and player-focused treats to scoop up

With Valorant Episode 2: Act 1 nearing its finale this March, a second act is on the way and it is going to bring a new Battle Pass players can storm through.

Act 2 Nears, Here’s What We Know

Battle passes have been increasingly popular in gaming for a good reason – they give players the opportunity to feel extra rewarded for their playtime. Furthermore, the demand for cosmetic rewards in gaming is higher than ever. Thus Riot Games delivers.

The new Valorant Episode 2: Act 2 Battle Pass will follow the same format previous battle passes have used. There will be free and premium track options, both containing 50 tiers of items. For enthusiasts who wish to upgrade and get all the unlockable content, the premium Battle Pass will cost 1000 VP. The new content comes on top of the recent release of Astra, Valorant’s latest agent.

Valorant Episode 2: Act 2 battle pass will bring some new skins as well as a fair amount of other cosmetic content such as sprays, weapon buddies and titles. There will be three new lines of skins.

The striking and shiny Prism III skin will be based on the old Prisma skin, thus bringing some sweet memories from the game’s release. VALORANT producer Preeti Khanolkar stated his intentions with Prism III are to get its “crispiness” into the hands of those who don’t usually buy skins.

An Inside Out Look at Valorant’s New Battle Pass

Additionally, players will be able to get the colorful Polyfrog skin, inspired by the Frog on Split. It will come under the same line as Polyfox.

Lastly, the sleek Cavalier skin will start a new line as a completely new addition to the game for players to unlock.

Other than skins, several new buddies will soon adorn the players’ weapons. The battle pass is stated to include Twitch handgun, Mango, Ramen, Pirate hat, Headset, Mic, Spike rush and Explorgi.

The battle pass will also contain 12 new player cards.

Arriving on March 2, players will be able to get their hands on the pass and see all this content for them. Meanwhile, Riot Games has had its hands in many pies. It announced a bigger focus on supporting women in competitive gaming and punishing queue dodgers through a new set of penalties.

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