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Published: November 3, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Iso is VALORANT’s newest agent, having been released on October 31
  • There are still problems with the character’s toolkit
  • Interestingly, other agents are the ones who get an unfair advantage

A new bug seems to give Reyna an unfair advantage when she is dueling with Iso in his pocket dimension ultimate.

Iso’s Kit Doesn’t Work Properly

With 23 agents in the game, each having its own special play style, it becomes difficult to keep them balanced all of the time. Although Riot Games tries to account for any possible case in the game, there are still instances where players discover exploits and use them. These are often plentiful when a new character is introduced in the game, as the devs sometimes are unable to predict every interaction between him and other agents, or the ways players could use the character.

This also holds true for Iso, VALORANT’s newest agent as well, who was released with Episode 7: Act III on October 31. A few days into the season, players are already reporting strange issues with the agent, although interestingly enough, Iso does not seem to be the source of the problem, at least in this case. Instead, it’s how Reyna interacts with the new agent’s ultimate.

To understand the problem, we should talk a bit about Iso’s ability. Since he is a duelist, the new agent’s ultimate comprises of him essentially making a small pocket dimension where he and an enemy are teleported for a 1v1 duel. However,             it seems that Reyna isn’t as vulnerable while in Iso’s ultimate, as she perhaps should be.

Reyna Has a Strange Advantage

In a Reddit post by user u/PureTwo0, the situation is illustrated clearly. “Here is the situation my friend encountered. After activating ISO’s ultimate ability, my friend one-tapped Reyna, and the hit effects, as well as the notification, showed that Reyna took 160 damage,” the post reads. “However, Reyna did not die and instead eliminated my friend. It’s really perplexing, so please help me explain this.”

Reyna should have died from that hit, as a player’s HP is 150. Furthermore, it isn’t possible to heal while in Iso’s one-vs-one arena, which rules out the possibility of a mid-fight heal. All of this leaves the explanation that some bug guives Reyna more than 160 HP when she is in Iso’s arena.

“A bug I think. You can see Reyna already has a kill, let’s say she now have 100 hp +50 overheal. Going to the ult replenish the shield so now she has 100hp + 50 overheal + 50 shield. I didn’t confirm it yet. Gonna do it in a bit,” one highly-voted comment reads.

Understandably, many fans were frustrated because of this case and expressed hope that Riot would quickly patch the situation.

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