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Published: February 9, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Motif Esports has disbanded following toxic environment allegations
  • The organization’s owner used to harass the female VALORANT players and behaved unprofessionally
  • Players were prohibited from communicating with one another

Motif Esports has disbanded after its owner was found to be guilty of behaving unprofessionally and nurturing a toxic workplace.

Motif Esports’ Founder Harassed Women

The esports organization Motif Esports is no more. The organization just deleted its social media accounts and disbanded after its owner was accused of sexual harassment and toxic behavior.

The allegations came from two members of Motif’s female VALORANT team, namely Joanne and Barbora “Rebecca” Rezácová. Both of them reported that Jack “JawsYT”, the organization’s founder and owner, has been behaving unprofessionally and has sexually harassed the female team members.

The two victims shared their experiences on Twitter.

Joanne and Rebecca Raised Their Voices

Joanne is the former captain of the team. Her explanation was brief, reporting that JawsYT was presumptuous and often made jokes that made Motif’s female athletes feel uncomfortable. The ex-captain explained that JawsYT would often guilt trip her into playing with him and he often made crass remarks about her colleagues

Rebecca was much more expressive in her disgruntlement with Motif Esports, reporting numerous instances of belittlement and racism as well. According to her, some of the members would often accuse the female players of being boosted and patronize their efforts. Rebecca also reported that many of the native British members of Motif Esports would mock the accents of the non-native athletes and make other racist remarks. She clarified that the organization’s Turkish athlete, Mercy, had gotten the worst of it.

Things get even worse, as Rebecca added that the organization prohibited its female team members from having a private chat. They weren’t allowed to have a safe space for themselves and support each other. She said that the female members of Motif felt like birds trapped in a birdcage.

Motif Esports Disbanded in the Aftermath

Rebecca and Joanne eventually left the organization. The injustice they went through didn’t go unnoticed, though. After the two of them shared their stories, Motif Esports deleted its Twitter page.

An organization representative contacted DotEsports, confirming that Motif Esports has been officially disbanded. They added that the organization’s founder is “no longer in any operations of building a team or managing an organization and will never again in the future.”

After this was through, Joanne said that she is happy that she, her other four team members, and her coach are out of the toxic environment of Motif Esports.

It is sad to hear how those players were treated after giving their best for the organization. Luckily, many people weren’t indifferent to the players and the organization eventually broke up. It will be best if other organizations learn a thing or two from this situation and refrain from mistreating their own players.

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