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Published: April 7, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Skyesports announced the AMD Ryzen Skyesports League
  • The event will last just under two months and will see eight Indian teams face off for the prize pool of $20,000
  • The AMD Ryzen Skesports League 2021 begins this Friday

In the next two months, Indian VALORANT fans will see nonstop action from the AMD Ryzen Skyesports League. The grandiose local event will start on April 9 and will last for two months. 

The Clash of the Eight Cities

The AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021 will be the second edition of a VALORANT event that attracted almost 4 million viewers last year. With a stable sponsorship, this year’s iteration aims to be just as successful, if not more.

The tournament is set to take place starting April 9 and will last for 55 days. It will be in a round-robin format. It’s an invitational-style event where teams are representing their home cities. In this year’s iteration, eight teams will represent eight different Indian cities: Delhi, Rajasthan, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Punjab, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The latter was the winner last year and will now have to defend its title.

The teams were built with an auction on March 31, where team owners picked players to build their teams. Below are the participating teams and their respective owners:

  • Delhi Dragon – Scout
  • Rajasthan Strikers – Ghatak
  • Kolkata Tridents – Kronten
  • Bengaluru Crushers – Rushindra
  • Punjab Pinnacles – Hydra flick
  • Chennai Clutchers – MidFail
  • Mumbai Aces – 8Bit Thug
  • Hyderabad Nawabs – Sentinel

Afkgamingesports also tweeted a comprehensive guide to the teams’ members:

The Sponsors and Prizes

The AMD Ryzen Skyesports League has secured AMD Ryzen’s sponsorship (thus the name) as well as WD BlackGOGAME, and ACT Broadband’s help.

The tournament will have a total prize pool of around $20,000 that will be distributed among the eight teams based on their performance. 

Skyesports have shared a schedule of the event on their Twitter:

The first team will receive $8810; the second place will get $4080; the third $2040, and the fourth $1360. The rest will be distributed in shares of $680 among the four remaining teams. Two prizes of $680 will also be given to the tournament’s most valuable player and one for an “emerging player.” 

The tournament will be streamed in six local languages on the official Skyesports Youtube channel

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