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Published: August 17, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • CS:GO pros are in North America are leaving the scene for Valorant, says EG inactive player tarik
  • His argument essentially confirms what other players have been saying, i.e., the community is a little bored with CS:GO
  • Valorant has seen an influx of CS:GO professionals joining the game on a competitive level

The North American Counter-Strike scene has thinned over the past months, with many people switching to Valorant. Tarik “tarik” Celik has presented a composed argument as to why this is. 

Esports Pros from CS:GO Are Migrating to Valorant 

Players are leaving Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at a time when the prize pools for the competitive scene continue to grow. Yet, more first-person shooter professionals are keen to explore Riot Game’s now-one-year-old shooter, Valorant.

Valorant has proven too tempting for many players out there, and Tarik “tarik” Celik, an Evil Genius inactive member, has gone on stream recently to explain why that is the case. Essentially, tarik is a laidback guy who shows up on stream to talk about life and video gaming with his fans.

Tarik is an established guru in the Counter-Strike community known for his approachable nature on streaming platforms and social media. During his stream on August 17, tarik opened up a little about why CS:GO players were leaving for Valorant.

According to him, it was pretty much how the competitive community was structured. He chalked up the trend to things that people have speculated about. On the one hand, there aren’t too many CS:GO teams in the United States and North America right now.

People Seem a Little Tired from CS:GO 

On the other, people are getting a little bored by CS:GO. He has a point. The game has impeccable shooting mechanics, but it’s a little dry when it comes to skill, and games such as Apex Legends and Valorant may often prove somewhat better and more appealing. Many players, including Nathan “NBK-“Schmitt, have shared tarik’s view.

As the exodus has continued, the North American CS:GO community has found itself struggling to field enough players in the game to maintain regional events going. Valorant is not facing a similar issue, though, as the scene is vibrant, and there is a lot of talented players looking to carve a name for themselves in yet another shooter. 

Naturally, the transition from CS:GO to Valorant has prompted grass-and-roots to follow their example, bleeding the game even further. Europe, though is still a fertile ground for Counter-Strike with the BLAST Series and PGL ramping up their investment in tournaments. 

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