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Published: January 10, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • According to rumors, T1 is set to acquire Josh “pwny” VanGorder to its VALORANT team
  • Pwny impressed the community during his stint with TSM Academy and will be a valuable addition
  • T1 is currently fixed on making up for its lackluster performance in the 2021 VCT season

According to sources, T1 will be adding the prominent duelist Josh “pwny” VanGorder to its VALORANT team.

Pwny to Join T1

T1, a professional esports organization competing in South Korea and North America, is reportedly set to make a major acquisition to its VALORANT team. If the rumors are to be believed T1 is on its way to sign Josh “pwny” VanGorder – a prominent free agent known for his skillful duelist plays.

The news was first announced by the esports news outlet DotEsports whose journalist Max “Purest” Katz was informed about the acquisition by trusted sources.  

If the rumors turn out to be correct, pwny will fill in one of T1’s last spots as the organization heads into the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour season.

Pwny last played as a strand-in under the banner of Team SoloMid’s Academy team during the Nerd Street Gamers Winter Championship Open 10 in December. In this position, pwny filled up an empty slot that was left by Brandon “bdog” Sanders’ leave. With the help of pwny, TSM Academy managed to reach the grand finals but eventually lost to Radiance.

Still, pwny’s stint with the team left a good impression which is why T1 might have set its sights on him. It isn’t known if pwny will retain his position as a duelist, should he join T1.

T1 Aims to Do Better

T1 is currently reshuffling its lineup before the next VCT season North America begins on January 27. The team’s performance throughout 2021 was quite unexciting. This is mainly because the squad was strictly limited to regional play as it failed to qualify for any of the international events. With T1 failing to qualify for the Last Chance Qualifier, the organization lost its last chance to get out on the big scene.

To make up for its lackluster performance in the previous season, T1 has decided to make some changes. Other than the alleged acquisition of pwny, the team is also rumored to be eyeing an acquisition of the Counter-Strike pro-Timothy “autimatic” Ta.

Hopefully, T1’s new additions will help the organization step on its feet and rise through the ranks. Yet, only time will tell if those acquisitions will pay off.

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